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16 and getting into racing?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Kloppy52, Oct 26, 2015.

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    Hey all, I just turned 16 and have always wanted to get into road racing just just don't know where to start or what size bike to get/ who to contact. I've been riding dirt bikes since i was three and currently race enduro but the passion for it isn't there like it is for road. I've struggled trying to find info on the internet so any help would be much appreciated.

    Edit: Have a $15k budget if that helps
  2. Hi Kloppy52,

    Start with Motorcycling Victoria and from there choose style of racing you want to get into and a club that is near you and supports your chosen class of racing. As you are 16 you will be required to do 5 hours of coaching before you can get a competition license. The Motorcycling Victoria site has tips for starting out.

    Good Luck (y)
  3. A good club should also be able to help you figure out what flavour is right for you, and what sorts of bikes would be a good fit :).

    EDIT: And don't forget to keep some of that budget in reserve for when you break things :D. Road bikes aren't designed to cope well with taking naps :p.
  4. Go for it mate. Wish I was your age again. My suggestion is to buy a cheaper bike to start with, and save some $ to fix it when u bin it. Let us know how u go. $5k will buy u a great 600cc track bike to get u started.
  5. I read the OP, got all jealous and ran off in a huff.

    Oh to be 16 again with th desire and funds to race.

    Go for it Kloppy52Kloppy52
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  6. Seems to me that being able to properly thrash a 250 would provide a solid foundation for learning to get the most out of bigger bikes. And, being 16, he'd probably be relatively light. They're also cheap as chips these days.
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    Yep. 250CC would be a great start. It worked for pretty much every MotoGP world champion.(well 125CC two stroke).

    Having been in a racing scene in my teenage years, I agree with the others. Don't go blowing your budget on a bike and gear straight away. You could spend $2K on a good racing 250CC, and a few more thousand on gear/tools/tyres/fuel/club fees and weekly beer for Dad or whoever trailers your bike to the track. Leaving $10K up your sleeve for when you bin it, or decide to spend it on other things in life.

    After a year or two in the 250 class, you could then sell it on for probably the same price, and move up a class to the 600CC.
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  8. Agree completely with the 250cc option, or even look at 400cc VFR's.

    I suggest trying to keep costs as low as possible to begin with as being 16 you will have a lot of learning to do as you cant just take the whip for a go in the twisties to practice, so the 250/300 production class is ideal.

    From there you will learn a lot about how you ride and where you want your racing to take you, so you can make an educated decision on what to do next.
  9. Thanks guys. That all helps heaps and thanks for the info. Hopefully getting out there soon.
  10. Actually, the 125 two-stroke might be a better option, depends on what classes there are in your area.

    A Cagiva Mito or Aprilia RS125 probably won't be very expensive and that's what most of the famous heroes started with......
    oh, aye, and take lessons in Spanish (or Italian)...... if you get serious, it will come in handy. ;-)
  11. I'll have a look into a RS125. but also wondering is there a class for the Ktm rc390 that i could also the latter on go onto being more serious.
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    Your in Melbourne so the range of clubs with an emphasis toward road racing is down to
    1. Preston ( the best cause I'm in it....lol ) Preston Motorcycle Club, Preston Motorcycle Club Inc. - Home
    2. Hartwell Welcome to Hartwell Motorcycle Club
    3. Sandringham
    4. Newport Braybrook

    As others have said a good source of info is Motorcycling Victoria www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/

    Basically the order of things is find a club that suits you & join. Getting your racing licence is done through your club...having joined a club, the club secretary will help you with the paperwork etc.
    Because your already over 16, you are a senior or adult, so you do not need to do any junior coaching to get your licence. http://www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/licence/

    The current class of choice for starting out seems to be 250 or 300 production, pretty much ruled by ninja 250/300.
    You may find the proddy class a bit easier to come to grips with and kinder on your wallet, 125GP bikes are fast but a fairly steep learning curve and 'A' or kit parts for a competitive bike are not cheap.
    Plenty of bikes at the auctions to turn into race bikes or there's always a ready market of used race prepped ones around the traps.
    My suggestion would be to get along to Broadford Ride Broadford on Sunday November 15th and check out the "interclub" race meeting. This is a club level event ( ie. a good level to start your race career ) and there will be plenty of people from Preston, Sandringham and Newport clubs at the meeting who you can ask all the questions you have.
    As far as getting yourself race ready, there's ride days, Champions Ride Days coaching, California Superbike school, Preston race schools etc.

    Hope that helps...mike.
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