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15th or 16th: Putty Rd

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Ljiljan, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. More details to come. head up putty in morn, do a few laps of the 10 mile, come home.

    Mon or Tues depending on interest.

  2. I want my Daytona NOW!!!

    Won't happen by next week, so next time...
  3. hmm, just noticed a bit of oil lying beneath my bike. may or may not happen, see what tomorrow brings
  4. I may have my 'Tona by then... My pref would be Monday FWIW.
  5. + = I'm up for Monday if it's an open invite.
    - = Won't be there until around 10:00 after I drop off the young bloke at school.

    Feel free to PM me if it's on. (Will check Sun at latest)
    Just had X3 weeks hols and it rained for the first X2.:nopity:
    Go back to work on Tues 16th.

  6. mon it is then, weather depending. forecast for mon is pretty crap, hope it improves
  7. Forecast for Monday
    The chance of a shower or two shower, otherwise fine. Sunny periods.
    Sydney Forecast
    Moderate northwest to southwest winds, fresh and gusty at times.

    Precis: Chance shower.
    City: Min: 23 Max: 26
    West: Min: 22 Max: 27

    I reckon its a goer
  8. Have fun boys. Join you next week - fingers crossed.
  9. Lilley
    Have texted you re: Local Conditions. (in case I have received wrong number)
    I guess it's off for today? Unless it clears up dramatically in the next 2 hours, which I can't see, it's been going all night.
    If things do change, I'll let you know.

    May be able to get out next Sunday if you guys are interested in a run.

  10. whoa....missed this one. did you go? im up for tomorrow. still have my ninja.......
  11. yeh we went

    was good.

    I think uncle is planing to post up a ride report sometime as well. I just can't get over the playground at broke.
  12. missed this ride, damn work, well will console myself with a mac pass kangaroo valley blast tomorrow
  13. When are you planning this? I might join you at TFRPS and say Hi.
  14. sorry didn't check the thread before going out , went out with the wife earlier, i think every rider in nsw was out and about in todays weather, seems nobody went to work today
  15. I f'ing did.

    Anyhoo - anyone keen for next Monday? I collect my new toy on Sunday and will be going regardless... of anything.
  16. perhaps. I really should be looking for work though. Would much rather head round kangaroo valley though, hour and half commute to windsor + another hour out to 10 mile = bleh