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$15k - which of the 'Big 4' sportbikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cossie, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. So...

    Time to upgrade. Has to be a 1000cc sportsbike, so as usual the choice is:

    08 R1; Can buy a brand new one for under 15k now (works out at $16200 ride away, may be able to haggle a little bit on that now the 09 models have hit the showrooms)

    GSXR1000 ; Could almost scrape a new 08 model for 15k, even If I throw a few more $$$'s at them. Otherwise its a low km used one with a few $'s to spare.

    ZX10; They still want 16k for a new 08 model, but should find an ex-demo or almost new for under 15k.

    CBR1000; 15k wont get the new model, but should get a nice very low km 07 model.

    Any recommendations or experience on the above? Will mostly be weekend hooning with a bit of commuting and the occasional trackday thrown in.

    There seems to be some good deals on the runout 08 models at the moment. The only problem buying new is I'd have to find a few more dollars for a pipe and fender eliminator etc., most used already have them.

    fwiw I'm pretty tall so if anyones ridden the above and can comment on whether they are cramped or not?

    I've ridden the ZX10 and hope to get out on the weekend and get on the others as well.
  2. F##k me. What is wrong with you people? Read my reply here
    If the cap fits, wear it :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Get a Goldwing.
  4. If you think really hard, you'll realise your post is quite retarded.

    All of your listed bikes are frankly fkn awesome and none have any issues signfiicant enough to sway you away from them.

    You need to go ride each, then make a decision on which one feels right for you - I'll be you'll be able to decide pretty easily once you've ridden them all. Read a few reviews as well if that makes you happy.

    Personally I love the fireblades, the more I ride mine, the more I'm obsessed with them. But I'd prefer a 929/954 or straight to a k8 cbr1000rr simply because the 04-07 ride position is too racey for me.

    To sum up; stupid post, go ride them :wink:
  5. a dn01 !
  6. Problem with riding them is you cant get more than a short test ride from an dealer.
    I know they will all do more than I could ask of them, but I am specifically after info from anyone who owns one or has longer term experience of them than a 20 min test ride round the city.

    Maybe someone has a bit more info on when new models are gonna hit the showrooms or how overstocked with old models they are. Or maybe someone got offered a much better deal by a particular dealer.

    So to sum up, whilst it seems like a stupid post, you've already helped by commenting on the racey position of the 04-07 compared to the 08.

    So if anyone isn't a class clown like the first 2 to reply, I'm all ears.
  7. Get the ZX10
  8. Get an R1.

    Then you'll be as awesome as me :LOL:
  9. Just tell them its a lot of money, and 20mins just ain't going to cut it... If they want your business, they'll work something out.

    But I do see your point with other owners, and trying to get some history of how they go.
  10. Get the one that matches your helmet.
  11. :WStupid:
  12. IMO, GSX-R is the least cramped, and, if you have to commute, CBR1000RR is the most road friendly of the bunch.
  13. Get the CBR1000RR, it has 200% more R's than the nearest competitor.
  14. seems you've found the less helpful section of the forum
  15. jealousy often generates strange replies
  16. green zx10r? can't go wrong with the bigbang either
  17. I'd sit on all of them and get the one thats most comfortable.

    Failing that, probably the R1. Looks the best imo, if not then equal to the ZX10.
  18. I love it.

    They're all gay.
  19. Yes but they're just tacky R's added on as an afterthought. It doesn't have anywhere near as much R soul as the others.
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