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1500 Goldwing wrecked

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Eric, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. We do not have any Goldwings wrecked here in Adelaide. Do you know of a 1500 Goldwing that has been wrecked in Melbourne or maybe Sydney?

  2. You would be pretty lucky. Unless it's a motor or other large/heavy part you want, bringing it in from the USA would likely yield much better luck if you don't want to buy new parts.
  3. Goldwing 1500 Parts There's a stack of stuff on eBay under this search; may not be what you want, though....
  4. I want to do a couple of up grades to the 1200 using 1500 parts. The coils is easy as you say from the USA and I ring dealers here to see how much they are new. But the other upgrade that I am thinking of doing is the back end off a 1500 onto my 1200. The high millaged 1200's have a problem with the rear wheel bearing wearing out the housing. So just putting a new wheel bearing in is not going to fix it. And the mileage on my 1200 is getting up there and I want to do a half lap in 2018 on this bike and I am getting up there in mileage and I am getting it ready now.
  5. Well now my high mileage 1200 has worn the rim where the wheel bearing sits. So now it is not just an up grade but something that needs to be done.
    1/ A replcement rim.
    2/ A sleave put in the old rim and new wheel bearing.
    3/ A complete 1500 rear end fitted.
    Parts will need to come from Australia because of shiping cost from the USA
  6. It may not be as expensive/bad as you think. I'd probably skip 1 because it's likely going to be just as worn or headed that way. 2 could be a good option, and possibly not as expensive as you think. Re sleaving is a common procedure that any machine shop can do. Price varies a lot. Measure the width and bearing OD, consider if there is enough meat on the rim to allow the machining for a new sleeve to fit. If the rim has lots of meat and there is a suitable oversize bearing available then you could look at simply having it machined out to the next size up. If you find that there isn't enough meat for a sleeve then you may have to look at having it built up with weld and then machined which can be tricky depending on the original material and level of contamination. Do some ringing around (5 or 6 places) to compare prices and lead times.

    3 sounds expensive.
  7. There's a place that icemakericemaker suggested to me before which I now forgot - it puts your name out there and the part you want and the wreckers if they have it contact you. Nifty ! :)
  8. If you could post details of model/year ( and part number) those with nothing better to do on wet days could help search the Internet.

    Have a look at: Honda ATV Parts, Motorcycle Parts, & More Honda Parts House Does not appear to be any 1200 wheels available but might find all the bits for an 1500 rear end upgrade. Could ship by sea or check out APO cost of using their USA to Australia shipping facility. ( If it still exists)
  9. www.findapart.com.au

    Puts msg out to the wreckers that are subscribed and they call you. Worth a try
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  10. so the epic last week was the straw that broke the goldwings back ?
  11. Building up with weld is unlikely an option. Are these magnesium alloy? Or cast?
  12. Sounds like the knife needs sharpening .
  13. You wish UG. The wing will be back but after I have done some secret up grades.
    Ok, here is my game plan. I am going to get new wheel bearing and fit them with loctite. And as a back up there is a rim in Sydney that I will get my daughter to pick up for me.
  14. If there is any kind of play in the wheel the loctite will do nothing. It's to aid retention in a marginal fitting between slip and crush, not to glue bearings into a sloppy fit.
  15. I am silly enough to try. And if doesn't work I will just fit the spare rim.
  16. Just to let you know...............I wimped out and..................had my rim machined and fitted a sleave.
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  17. Had a wheel bearing sieze in a Patrol once, that was an interesting experience on a wet muddy hill. Not sure I'd like to sample it on a bike. Think the machining and sleave option is a smart move Eric.
  18. Thankyou for highlighing me that 1500. I needed a 1500 from 1988 to 1991 for the rear end drive because my 1200 was getting high mileage. And the 1200's have a habite of the bearing wearing out the rear rim. I have now faced up to that and have had it machined and a sleave put in. I would like to think that it should be good now for another 200,000 kms.
  19. No worries. I didnt know the specifics, just had one of those moments of...."oh, I remember someone was looking for something something Goldwing"