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$1500 bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sydrider, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just got my learner's license in Sydney and I'm looking for a bike for around $1500-$2000.
    Is that possible?

    I know almost nothing about bikes.
    Also is it wise to buy a bike from the wreckers?

    I appreciate any help.

  2. In the 2k - 2.5k range you should be able to get something half good, like a zzr250. Check all the usual places, like bikepoint.com.au www.bikesales.com.au and tradingpost.com.au and ebay.
  3. Yeah mate you'll find something. Might be a bit of a shitbox but it should be good fun fixing it up etc.
  4. You can find one but you must not be fussy for looks and what type of bike i picked my gpx 250 for $2000 with almost one year rego.
    What i really wanted was a zx2.But when i thought about it a learner bike should always be a throw around so i kept my money for my serious bike when i get off my p's.

  5. Welcome sydrider.
    Wot they said; anything you buy for that money is going to have limitations and shortcomings, but if you can ride it and enjoy it, what they hey...

    I presume you are also budgeting for.... wait for it..... protective gear??
  6. Thanks guys,
    Yeah I'm just looking for something to get me on the road for the least amount of money.
    It's just the problem of finding something cheap AND reliable.
    I think eBay is the way to go.
    Thanks for the responses.
  7. You can easily get a good 250 commuter for that money. Stay away from anything sporty though, It won't be reliable for that money.

    Just remeber to factor in costs of all your gear.

    Also remember onroad costs. Needing new tires, battery, brake pads etc.. is okay so long as you get a price that reflects the need for work
  8. No reason you shouldn't be able to find something reasonable for that sort of money, just try and avoid anything rare/unusual since it may prove difficult and/or expensive to find parts you may need. Something like a Suzuki GN250 single cylinder or early (parallel twin) GSX250 might be a good option.
  9. you may find that it costs that much again to keep it going.

    though sometimes u get one that you just can kill.
  10. I'm in Melbourne, but I'm selling my '84 GPz250 belt drive since I've upgraded :)

    It's served me well for 20,000kms in the last 18 months. Rear tyre about 80%, front about 25% but probably still has at least 5,000 left. Belt drive means no worries with lube, adjustments, or replacing every 15-20 thousand kays.

    Currently has 38,000 on the clock, 2-3 months VIC rego left, and I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be in roadworthy condition - just haven't taken it to get officially checked out yet.

    Insurance is something else worth keeping in mind - this only cost me $150/year full comprehensive with RACV, whereas newer, more expensive, sportier models fetch closer to 4 figures for the same policy.

    This is an example of the sort of reliable, cheap 250 you could find for $1500. Of course, feel free to get in touch if you're interested in this particular specimen :p
  11. They're a very cool 250. A mate of mine has one.

    The bikini fairing looks great and different for a 250.

    Belt drive of course is its greatest asset, what don't all 250's come with this :roll: ? SO much better.

    How does it sound? My mate's one sounds, honestly, like a turboed WRX! Stock exhaust I think, just a very nice and different sound.
  12. My brother has a honda cd 250 and when i go to Melbourne first thing i do when i get off the bandit is get on this little thing and go silly. Its great fun cos u dont have to watch your speed like on the bandit and its so easy to ride. It just falls into the corners and u can race round all day on bugger all fuel.

    How much did he pay for all this fun?

    He swapped a push bike for it!
  13. wreckers are just that wrecks, hunt around on the links the blokes posted above , you can pick up a bargin , just dont rush to get the first thing you see.
  14. :LOL: :LOL: thats a piece of sh*t

    i'd rather not ride anything at all :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I picked up my virago for 1650, it needed new tires, timing chain is some what worn, neeeds new sprockets and chain, and the paint is faided, but other than that, starts up every time, never complained, hell, I rode it for 2 hours in 45c heat, remember, this is an air cooled engine, and no complaints..so yeah, should give you an idea.
  16. thanx captain.. its a Virago that my wife wants :LOL:
    the 250cc choppers :LOL:

    ones ive looked at were round the $4-5k mark. one u got mustve
    been an old one?
  17. Err well if you read his motorbikes list its a 94'.
  18. There pretty cool bikes, not blazing fast, but decent good starting bike to toot around town with, take the baffles off to give it a nice throaty sound, if you want I can put a pic up to give you an idea of it, and yes, 94 model, got it with 73k on the clock with 6 mnths rego.
  19. err so u therefore think hes 5yrs of age? :LOL: