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15 min

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blodders, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. in 15 min i go and pick up my new bike. ive spent all day running round the house waiting........AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH


    photos tomorrow... would say tonight but i'll be out riding :)
  2. Enjoy!!!! We'll have to go for a ride sometime. :)
  3. get in there my son, GO ON
  4. :LOL: FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! congrats mate!!
  5. When it stops after 2 k's, don't be scared.

    Switch the fuel tap to ON.
  6. i'm assumin sometime later tonight after he's ridden it round the block a few times, blodders will be back to tell us how it is?
  7. doubt that.. he'll be circling the block all night
  8. heheh nice one.... enjoy it mate....
  9. nice one .
    i remember the last 15 minute before i piked up me first bike. it was something i wanted for the past 11 years and was stuck in peak hour traffic. was soo tempted to just get outta the car and run to the guys place...

    but yea let us noe how your first ride goes...
  10. my last 15min ride was part of a 40min car trip, speed limit? I dont think so.

    Enjoy mate, keep her shinny side up!
  11. I was expecting an Andy Warhol reference :(.

    hah hah, yeah the anticipation is fantastic.....
  12. ah yes, i remember that feeling.

    ride safe mate
  13. Bring it around here mate, and i will run the spanners over it
  14. well? first night in did you park it in you bedroom like a good motorcycle owner? :wink:
  15. hey eddie... reckon me and you could tak weld a zzr motor into the red devil? :grin:

    don't have much to lose with them 2...
  16. He didn't come back???

    Hey Sydney siders keep an eye out for a guy with his eyes poping out on a VTR.

    he may hae gotten sidetracked
    (Tommorow we'll check in with the queenslanders)
  17. he should be in canberra by now... anyone down there seen a guy on a VTR looking very strange (except for Haggis...)
  18. IT"S F%@#$%ING BRILLIENT !!!!!!!!!!!!
    so smooth... fast and it sits on 100 with room to move.. i think i'm in love...

    couldn't get it in the bedroom so i slept out side :)

    kutlu - Thanks for the vote of confidence ;)

    haha thanks guys

  19. took age to see the "add image to post" thing

    me sooooo shp eci al