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145 in a 90 zone...... how much suspension [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. howdi,
    A mate of mine got done recently up near the spur for 145 in a 90 zone.

    The cop said 'I have been waiting for someone like you all day'

    my mate said 'well I got here as fast as I could......'

    Despite his funny reply the copper said he couldnt let him off.

    Im told he has to go to court, and in addition to a $700 fine, I figure he will have quite a lot of time to clean and polish his 999 Ducati before he gets to ride it again.

    how much time time is he likely to get off. I figure someone round here would know :)


    P.S. I offered to take his bike for a bit of a ride while he is under suspension (just to keep the battery charged of course) but he wouldnt be in it.
  2. Re: 145 in a 90 zone...... how much suspension

    6 Months suspension for 35 to 45km/h over I think it is?
    Longer if there's an excessive accural of demerit points to go with it!
  3. Re: 145 in a 90 zone...... how much suspension

    145 - 90 = 55
  4. Re: 145 in a 90 zone...... how much suspension

    The cop impound his bike too right, I don't understand how can you not speed when there is such as a great twisty and bendy rd, most of other people speeding too, he just there at the wrong time.

    Sorry I don't know how long, he have to wait to find out after the court hearing.
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  6. If in Victoria, it's an automatic 12month suspension, plus a fine and if your bike was impounded, then a court date with some additional bullshit for anti hooning punishment.

  7. Re: 145 in a 90 zone...... how much suspension

    Yes, that's correct. Brain went a little fuzzy there.

    What f883 says.
  8. plus they will lock him in a room with pink walls and butterflies, with the wiggles music piped in and all the barbie Videos playing on repeat.

    All i can say is, ouch. Tell your friend good luck! and that I'll look after the 999 for him.
  9. There is no Statute of Limitations on stupidity.
  10. Minimum driver's licence suspension periods for speeding offences
    Speed of your vehicle-----Minimum period of licence suspension
    25-34 kph over the speed limit-----1 month
    35-44 kph over the speed limit-----6 months
    45 kph or more over the speed limit-----12 months

    Any speed of 130 kph or more not already covered in the points above---- 1 month

    He's gonna get fit!
  11. Meh. 145's not that fast for a lot of the roads up there, depending on traffic.
  12. and wombats, leaves on the road, wet corners, gravel......etc etc etc...
  13. I hit a wombat doing about 30km/h once. I think speed and wombat related crashes are inversely proportionate.

    to be honest if i was going faster and had the front wheel up i probably would've gone over it like a speed bump.

    edit: this was on the dirtbike btw. No animals were injured in the re-telling of this yarn
  14. Who's to say he hadn't done a recon run first? I'm not saying he WAS being safe, but that those speeds can be done without it being a big deal. For all we know it could have been a dead straight clear piece of road.
  15. Hitting a wombat is like hitting a brick wall. I clobbered one at the top of Brown Mountain years ago and it did $1500 worth of damage to my car's front suspension.
  16. I am glad when I got nicked for >45km/h I was in the middle of nowhere with a reasonable police officer. He did reduce the reading down to a 1 month suspension, but I was aware and I thought the risk was low for where i was. bloody pain in the butt staying at friends for a month, just so I could get to work. Fair bit more wary now a days.
  17. so what do they do when this sort of thing goes down? Call a tow truck and tell you to organize transport home? Or do they let you go home and park?
  18. I was pillion on a busa a few years back, and my mate was taking us for a trip to alice from newcastle.
    We were... somewhere out near Burke and ripping along a long straight road at what the elderly policeman said was 240kph.
    Remarkably the elderly policeman - 60 if a day - caught up with us quite quickly, and let us off with a caution. The only reason we think he did was he was far too interested in the bike itself.

    @grue: It usually depends on the policeman and the cirucmstances. If there is two police often one of them will drive your car for you. Ive refused to leave my car on the side of the road - itll be stolen, stripped or burnt by the time i got back - after blowing a 0.07% BAC (id had ONE drink, about 2 minutes before), and disputed the reading and had to go to the station for the blood test because the cops were in too much of a rush to wait 15min for my breath to clear.
    Conveniently there was a cop car just around the corner with two in there and they were finishing for the night. One drove it to the station for me... but went through a lot of fuel and im quite sure i heard the turbo screaming from inside the cop car :p.
    As for actual laws on it, im not certain. It also depends on other people in the car, especially kids.
  19. sounds about right iirc

  20. I believe they have the option of letting you drive home and handing the car/bike in a few days later. Would depend on where the offence occured and the availability of public or alternate transport.