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1400GTR Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Davo, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Not so much a review but if anyone is keen to see what I thought of the bike on a cross Australia and back trip of almost 10,400klms under 6 days then get a copy of Australian Road Rider mag.

    I have had heaps of emails regarding this that it was good to get real riders report on it rather than paid journo's.

    Most of it is on my site (link in sig) as well but the mag has it all with pics.

    Happy to answer and questions on it also.

  2. Got the mag, it's a good read. Great bike I must say :grin:
  3. Awesome ride Davo.

    A couple of reviews I've read of the GTR1400 mention that it lacks a bit of torque compared to the FJR1300, which meant that you needed to change down a bit more often if you needed to accelerate. Did you find this to be the case, or is the complaint mainly statistical wankery?
  4. Thanks Davo

    Read it on your site and appreciate your honesty on the emotional state a ride like thatputs you through as well as the beauty of the countryside.

    Back to bikes! Have you had any experience on a BMW K1200GT (or similar BMW) and how would you compare them to the 1400?


  5. I think its all wankery but have not put it to the test, when I find a competent FJR owner with balls I will :p Some do say it needs more bottom end (I have a Power Commander on the way for my own and have a Muzzy muffler) but I doubt many riders can use the power their bikes have already so I doubt more would make much difference to the maddening crowd.

    ps thanks for the comments on the ride, much appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for the words on the story, I didn't intend to write it but Peter "the bear" loved it and went with what I had done. Others who have read my earlier reports say they enjoy the way I write.

    I have not ridden a BMW1200GT however a local BMW dealer here said he wants me to take one for a ride for comparison but I don't think he will loan it to me for 6 days :cool: and thats what I really need and I think many like to read these longer real life tests. In fact if many of you do please feel free to email Matho of AMCN or Peter at ARR and tell them.

    I think the 1200GT would compare well, but the question is, is it worth the enormous amount EXTRA. Is it that good ?
  7. Davo thats an absolutely epic journey in such short a time! Congrats.
  8. Thanks mate, I did a "politically acceptable ride" its possible to knock 8-10hrs off that but the public (and possibly Kawasaki and so having no backing) would have had a fit.

    More to question above, this taken from another online forum re: 1200GT and so on. He refers to a C14 this is the Concours14 which is a 1400GTR to us and most of the world. He is also talking miles so 0-60 is 0-100kph

    Bike ( UK ) just did a test of "sport touring" bikes. There criteria seems more tourning than sport!! They picked a BMW RT as best bike, even though they said It is comfortable, has great wind protection, and goes down the road with ease. They also said "if they weren't riding the auto route, it's a terible MOTORCYLE! It has a rotten gear box, really bad switch gear, and a rough motor!! Go figure!! But it's a great lazyboy going down the road!

    They did 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times.
    The C14 posted ( at that date ) the fastest 0-60 they had every tested.( they later tested the new Haybusa as faster )

    They also "railed" on the C14 for the seat comfort, fuel range, and wind protection.
    ############0-60 times__________1/4 mile
    C14=__________3.02 sec___________10.85
    The slowest slug was the best because all THEY cared about was wind protection and a cushy seat!!
    While they ripped the C14 for it's "range" and fuel gage.
    Their number two pick the K1200GT was noted for having a roughness in the engine and a bloody clunky gear box.
    Fuel range for the K1200GT was not an issue!!
    The difference as measured.
    C14 range was 206 miles while the K1200GT was 213!!! A whole 7 miles more made the difference.
    How fast is it!!!
    Damn fast! And that is why most of US bought it!!
    Objectively this is one fast bike.
  9. Thanks Davo, I value your opinion.

    Unfortunately I am not able to afford the GTR at the moment and looking at a 2003 k1200GT. (approx $14,500)

    Liked the look of the GTR but unable to push the budget any further and the GTR1000 didn't seem to add up. Heard lots of good stuff about the Yamaha FJR1300 also, again looking around 2003.

    Thanks again for the info.

  10. Mate the GT at that price seems a good option, obviously as I run the GTR club I think they are all good. However heard nothing bad about the 1200GT. Now some of the GS's with shaft problems thats another story.

    No 2003 model listed first listed is 2004.
  11. It has to be good, its a Kwaka... :grin:

  12. ???? What doesn't add up about a GTR 1000? $8k will get an excellent 2000 up model, aftermarket parts abound, and you can buy two for teh price of a clapped out BMW! :LOL:
    If you want a bike to plod along a highway on, get the BMW for sure. If you want to enjoy the ride, get a GTR.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Probably have to eat my words!!

    The K1200GT didn't ride well! It didn't suit my style, feel whatever. So out looking again and yes the GTR1000 is under consideration! Will tell you how it goes.

  14. Oh and by the way, a GTR 1000 would have been middle on those quarter mile times. Yes, even 20 years on they are still a formidable touring weapon.
    You won't find better wather protection on much that's new either, including it's replacement. That's not so important in sunny Queensland :p but where it's colder it is very important.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. My word, I was sad to learn about Davo Jones' ("It's Just A Road") death. When I started researching the Kawasaki 1400GTR, his cross-Australia ride report and review of the bike featured highly even eight years on. I didn't know he'd posted on Netrider about his ride. He died doing what he loved - truly epic long rides.

    I love my GTR (known in the US as the Concours 14). I hope to do some longer tours on it and maybe one of the shorter Far Rides. I know of one or two GTR owners on Netrider but like most sport-tourer motorcycles they are a smaller and smaller motorcycling segment these days.

    So, hands-up any other GTR owners, past, present or those intending to be in the future. What do you like and or dislike about the motorcycle? Where have you ridden yours? What modification and customisation have you done or plan to make the bike yours?

    Mine is a 2008 model:


    I have had it just five weeks now. It has the heat-flow issue over the rider's legs that was rectified in the 2010- onward models. I have purchased the foam shields that remedy this but I won't fit them until Spring - the warm air is welcome just now in the middle of Winter!

    I have fitted Oxford heated grips and Michelin PR4 GT-spec tyres thus far with good results for both. I have a RAM mount for GPS/phone that I'll attach via a replacement clutch master cylinder clamp bolt purchased from Advanced Sport Touring. The bike came with large capacity top box and tank bag in addition to the standard hard panniers and a Staintune exhaust.
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