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Featured 1400 GTR - G2 Throttle Tamer Installation

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, May 13, 2015.

  1. I had just over 40,000 kms on the 2011 GTR, I have been gradually tweaking the GTR since I got it, Just making it more inline with what I like rather than the general stock 1 size fits all.

    One of the things that I noticed was that the throttle was sensitive during low speed maneuvers, U-turns , car parks etc with the slightest touch causing the bike to lurch forward.

    I did get used to it and no doubt every one else did to.

    The other thing that I noticed was that while riding at Hwy Speed how easy it was to end up over the speed limit unintentionally.

    So I did some research, was reading a lot of posts, some were saying the throttle was snatchy, I would never call it snatchy but it sure is sensitive and and does not require much imput to get moving quickly.

    This research lead me to a product called a G2 Throttle Tamer, seems this was a common problem with fuel injected bikes and not just limited to the GTR.

    They are bike specific so I bought one, it had been sitting on my desk for a month or so and I had not got around to fitting it, the main reason being the OEM Heated Grip was glued on to the plastic OEM throttle tube.

    I priced a new right side grip but at $220 I though that a bit steep and as usual with Kawasaki it came glued on a plastic throttle tube, sort of defeated the purpose.

    Some more research on how to get the OEM Heated grip off with out destroying it, I searched the usual forums for info and came up with lots of posts, some ideas and real little detail.

    One post said just raise the grip a little with a flat screw driver and squirt in some WD40 and work it loose.

    After doing some research on WD40 I found that 1 of its 1000's of uses it dissolving glue.

    So I decided the screw driver and WD40 method was the go.

    Here is the steps involved in fitting the G2 Throttle Tamer and removing & refitting the OEM Heated Grip.

    First off the bike is still dirty from the FR1200G & SS1600 completed last weekend to Nambucca Heads, You will see the road grime in the photos, come from riding through at least 9 hours worth of storms.

    On with the install..

    Position the Bike and try to stay in the shade as it is hot today.

    This is not a big job but does require removing some bits so a fold up table will do for that and as far as tools go my travel tool kit has everything that is required for this task.

    Tool kit opened out.

    When I fitted my throttle lock I modified the cover over the heated grip cable, this and the throttle lock has to be removed, just a few screws, the grip puppy was worn out so I just peeled it off and binned it.
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  2. G2 Throttle Tamer Installation - Continued

    The heated grip power cable has a plastic attachment to another bracket, don't cut this just remove the bracket, it's only one screw.

    OK so now the heated grip power cable is unrestrained up the top.

    Time now to unplug it, this requires removing the top right side cover, mine has additional power outlets and a fuse block underneath so you will see additional wiring here that is not on a standard GTR, follow the cable down, you will notice that a brace for the cables is located on the top fork attachment, its one bolt, just undo it and remove the brace, I did put the bolt back in and tightened it just in case I had to move the bike.
    The plug is easy to find, just follow the cable, it's the red plug.

    Heated grip cable unplugged and ready for the next step.

    Split the housing on the throttle, two screws, to get the cables out both of the throttle cables need to be adjusted to allow maximum slack, I used a small set of pointy nosed pliers and it was very easy to remove them.

    I kept the tension on the throttle cables, I am not sure it they could drop of the cam at the other end so just in case some tape for that did the trick.

    Take the handlebar weight off.

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  3. G2 Throttle Tamer Installation - Continued

    Comparing the OEM Throttle tube to the G2 Throttle Tamer Tube (Grip is not removed yet)
    G2 Cam sitting on top of OEM Cam.

    Slipped in a small flat bladed screw driver in stages spraying in some WD40 then worked it around a little bit, raised the other end and gave it a squirt, then grabbed the cam with a cloth and gave the grip a twist and it came off, easier than I was expecting.

    Gave the grip a clean, I did not use glue as the G2 has a raised machined rough section, I just slipped the grip on the end, the cam end in the palm of my left hand and the outside end of the grip in the palm of my right hand and gave it a good push, it did take a little bit of force but not excessive.

    Clean the handle bar with a cloth and a little WD40, I could see the scuff marks from the old tube clearly.

    Refit the throttle cables, I adjusted both cables back out at this point to take up the slack.

    Start to assemble the throttle case being careful to line up the pin to the hole on the bottom of the handle bar.

    Put the heat grip cable cover back on and refit the handle bar weight, don't forget a little thread lock on the thread, don't want it coming loose on a ride.

    Reassembled my throttle lock.
  4. G2 Throttle Tamer Installation - Continued

    Fit a new set of grip puppies.

    Best method for fitting grip puppies is a bowl of hot water with some dish washing liquid and a cloth.

    Trim to size and put the grip puppies in the hot water, dip your hand and apply some soapy water to the grip, start the grip puppy then grab it with the cloth and wriggle it on.


    Clean up, put away everything, then out for test ride.

    I had left the throttle cable adjustments only finger tight, I stopped once and did an adjustment to remove some slack then got going

    Did I notice a difference? Yes I did

    Was it a huge difference? No

    What I found was that I had to twist the throttle a little bit further to get the same response. (Smaller radius overall) ( Even smaller radius in the lower rev range)

    My street is quite so I did a couple of low speed maneuvers, U-Turns, Figure eights, I did the same maneuvers previously, what I was looking for was simple was the throttle as touchy as it was previously with the std throttle, the answer is No it seemed to have smoothed out some what.

    I went for a ride through town with traffic, low speed 40 and 50 Kmh, how did I find it, I think it was an improvement on low speed throttle control over the standard throttle, I found that it felt smoother.

    Next The open road, hwy speed what I found was that I had to twist the throttle a bit further to get the same response I had with the standard throttle, I know it was only the first ride but it felt good and not so touchy, and minor hand movement did not send me creeping up in speed as before.

    I headed out the Putty, for some twisties it was good, I never had problems in the the twisties as that is my back yard and I get out on the Putty nearly every week for a run but I think the roll off into the corner and the roll on coming out felt a little smoother.

    Time will tell as always, it was easy to fit and if the need arises it will be easy to remove but for now I am happy with it.

    G2 Ergonomics Link: