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Featured 1400 GTR - Fitting FF50 Driving Lights

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, May 13, 2015.

  1. Well, things don't always end up as easy as it first seems.

    I checked out the posts for the driving light mounts on COG, looked pretty straight forward and looked good to boot.


    I bought some aluminum rod and had go at it, my lack of having any decent tools made this really hard, in fact I could not get the angle right so that the driving lights sat level and my holes did not line up, spose that happens when you cut it out with a hand held hacksaw and drill the holes free hand any way I gave up in disgust with the rod method.

    Thought about it all week, there had to be an alternative,

    Here it is:

    I made the first bracket in two parts a bit at a time, fit it on the bike checked the fit, take it off adjust it and refit you get the the drift, once it was right I then made a mirror image of the first using it as a pattern.

    Each piece was cut into a rough shape with the hacksaw and filed into shape by hand, I do have a hand held electric drill, not totally stone age........

    With this alternative bracket the mirror attachment screws do not hold the driving light mount in position, given their size and the thin casting of the mirror base plate that's a win I think.

    Took All day to make these two brackets:

    Fiddly bits:

    Fitted - End Result:
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  2. Fitting FF50 Driving Lights - Continued

    Test Ride and Final Adjustments:

    Today I was doing the final adjustments on the FF50's as I was not happy as the shape of the bracket supplied with the FF50 by Hella, I was at maximum height with no adjustment left.

    There was plenty of light on the road in front but I wanted more distance.

    The bracket as supplied and fitted to the GTR:


    Alteration to allow more upward adjustment.


    Refitted to the GTR:


    In the Garage, Low Beam:


    In the garage, High beam and FF50's:

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  3. Fitting FF50 Driving Lights - Continued

    On the side of Broke Road - Low Beam


    On the side of Broke Road - High Beam with FF50's:


    In my driveway:


    I Wanted to get some more Photos but not a good spot in a mining area, Traffic kept coming both ways so headed for home.

    Summary, Adjusted both the GTR's head lights and the FF50's between Cars, Utes, Trucks and whatever else came along, rode about 70k in the dark, they light the road up really well, I do not think the photos I did get on the road do them justice.

    Mods on the Hella Brackets done the trick.
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  4. I have HID lights fitted by the previous owner and have to say I don't see a need to do anything more. The suz has a separate hi low beam light system one above the other. Amazing light.