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14 years of grease

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by toadcat, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Just took off my footpegs to have a proper clean of the chain today... :-s


    I poured some kero on it and it was as if I had undone the sump plug.. So much oil

  2. Looks clean and shiny compared with what I found hiding under the chain and sprocket cover of my Kat.
  3. I lick mine clean every week. You guys are disgusting.
  4. use dynamite, it might just get it off
  5. Chain drive is so uncouth.
  6. Made me wonder - is there some company that sells aftermarket chain drives? I was talking to some guy at Fraser's and said they last 50,000k's and you don't have to do anything to them either :-s
  7. You ain't seen nuthin. Take off the countershaft sprocket cover ...
  8. and guess what, three months after you clean it up, it will look that bad again, that's why people buy BMWs :LOL:
  9. Any reason you shouldn't use petrol? It will be roughly 10 times more effective.
  10. They're pretty much all after market. The companies that make chains, don't make motorcycles, and visa versa.

    Getting 50k+ from a chain requires some pretty careful maintenance, and a damn good quality chain to start with. It can be done, but don't bank on it.
  11. 50 times more effective with a match.
  12. I've heard this does bad things to the O rings in the chain and was recommended to use kero instead - it ****ing STINKS
  13. depends how much petrol you use. You only want to clean the chain, not to complete strip the bike down and clean it bit by bit.
  14. Yuck. That thing the chain is resting on is a chain slider. You put new chain oil on and it slides through all that crap and picks it up. Then it gets on your chain and becomes like a grinding paste on your sprockets and chain.
    I know I am pedantic. I even take the fairings off and clean the inside of them. Nothing worse than working on a dirty greasy bike. Yuck. Clean it or burn it.
  15. I've cleaned it since - no more sand/dirt/grit........Well for the next 20kms :(