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14 Days Touring Tasmania - Feb-Mar 2012

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Megabite, Mar 14, 2012.


    Spirit of Tasmania - our first experience was the boarding process - I mean how bad is it - slow, slow + slow! It might be ok in an air conditioned car, but not on a bike!

    Message for the TT Line peeps - Bikes get very hot when you aren't moving! Then the wait for the blokes to tie them down - What a job those guys have - hot, sweaty, and very ordinary - so thanks to the 2 blokes that tied our bikes down.

    The cabins are good though, cool + clean. You'd want to be very close friends if you were sharing with 4 to a room though, but the boat is from Tasmania I suppose! All we gotta be able to do is find our cabin now after a few beers.

    Anyway, it's all good, and we are underway. The bikes are well secured down in the cargo bay, and Leonie + I are sitting in the air conditioned bar!

    Plan is we will go through the heads at 10pm, and then the next exciting event is that we will pass by the Spirit of Tasmania 2 at 1.30am. I know where I will be by then though, so don't expect to see a photo of that!
    Here is a shot of Port Melbourne from the boat at the terminal



    More to follow...
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  2. DAY 1


    After a hot, steamy and relatively sleepless night in the cabin on the Spirit of Tasmania, we are greeted at 5am by a loud sound recording with instructions on everything from preparing to leave the boat, to the vehicle retrieval process and how important it was that everyone followed it to the letter blah, blah - you get my drift. Anyway, up I get, shower and get ready. All this time there is a grumbling voice saying why the hell we have to get up so damn early etc etc - Leonie ain't a morning person for those that don't know her!

    Venturing upstairs to get some fresh air + coffee, we were faced with darkness. There was no sign of daylight yet, which had me a bit concerned as to how far I would get with wearing my sunnies (no visor).

    The disembarking procedures were as clumsy and disorganised as getting on the ferry (which shouldn't have surprised me), and the very important step of checking EVERY vehicle for bananas + other dangerous fruit was gone through by talented Customs officers. We eventually got through, and pulled up around the corner for a proper coffee + wait on daylight.

    We had settled on an appropriate ride, so off we went, and with the exception of one minor wrong turn which got us on the freeway (I hate freeways), we got out of Devonport in good time.

    After a nice stretch of road down alongside the river and then some pine forests, we arrive in Rialton - nice sleepy tone with wide streets. Next this bloke comes out and starts talking to us, and he's the batman from the pub - he even offers to open up if we want a beer! We declined, given that it was 7.30am!


    From there we were heading for the King Solomons Caves, and the road took us through Sheffield, past Mt Roland, and on through Paradise, and the most spectacular valley called Meander Way which was filled with fog! Dangerous riding and an eerie feeling, but the descent into the valley was one of the best roads you will encounter, and looking down onto the fog was great.


    Arriving at the caves, we found they were shut, and the tours started at 11am - forget it - it was still only 9am! We talked to a couple from the NSW Central Coast who had also rocked up Unaware that it would not be open.

    Off we rode through Mole Creek (brekky stop), through Deloraine and Westbury, and then headed up towards Exeter. Passing through Beaconsfield, We took a ride up to Greens Beach, and as the name suggests, it's pretty much just a beach. U TURN! Back to Beaconsfield for a look at the mine! For those that havent heard of it, there was a mine collapse 5 or 6 years ago, and 2 blokes were stuck in a tiny compartment for 14 days - they survived, and now there is a big interactive display with all accounts of the unlikely rescue - well worth a visit.

    From there we venture across the Tamar River, and up through George Town and up to Low Head. Nice spot, but by now we had enough of the sun + heat, so we bolted for Bridport about 50kms away. The road was boring, but there was cold beer at the end of it.....Wrong! The accommodation was cheap + nasty with no ensures, so we decided to ride down to Scottsdale where there were more options.

    And here we are - Scottsdale Hotel - cold beer, nice steaks, basic accommodation with no air conditioning, but what do you expect for $60?

    More to follow.....
  3. DAY 2


    I forgot to mention that the pub we were staying at in Scottsdale was adding a new extension, so as you would expect, who rocks up at 7am on a Monday morning - that's right - tradies! Not an issue for me, but they did get a "what the hell are you think your doing waking me up at this hour" look from Leonie! And, to make matters a touch worse, it also started to rain - yep, there was 25mm (an inch) of rain forecast for the area.

    It wasn't going to be a big day in terms of KMS, as we were only heading to Bicheno, but I"ll admit that I am not keen on riding in the rain, and especially with no visor! Hence, our original departure time got put back an hour or so to see if it would ease up.....it didn't, so off we go. We just had to back off and ride to the conditions.

    We had spoken to a few locals in the pub the previous night, so we knew about the few attractions along the way. A few of them were on unsealed roads, so no go for us. They had told us about a place with big wooden statues of people, but with the rain and concentrating on the road, I drove straight past it - Leonie did see a statue on the side of the road, but I was in front so had missed it.

    The road up to derby was nice (although wet). Derby is a historic Tin mining town with a big Chinese heritage - but the buildings were nice to look at as we rode by. We also rode through a Myrtle forest which was quite nice.

    We spotted this little bloke endangering his life at the side of the road a bit further up.


    It is Tasmania, so you can expect to see all sorts of strange things along the way - and a beer swilling pig is one of them. Just out of a town called Pyengana, there is a pub in the middle of nowhere called "Pub In The Paddock", and they allow people to feed the pigs beer from stubbies. The pigs actually expect it as Leonie found out.


    We then went to see St Columbus falls, a 90metre waterfall, and renounced as one of the best in Tasmania.

    Continuing on to St Helen's, we rode out to Binnalong Bay - the start of the bay of fires, and then on the other side of George's Bay out to St Helen's point.

    Then it was on to Bicheno, and the BIG 4 cabins. The rain did eventually clear up, and it turned out to be a reasonable evening.

    More to follow.......
  4. DAY 3

    Now before I forget again, I talked about beer swilling pigs yesterday, and I neglected to mention the Elephant!!! Elephant Pass that is - the name of the road from St Mary's back down to the highway between Bicheno and St Helen's. It's not a long run (only about 20kms), but it is a good fun ride - nice tight corners, and with plenty of vision through the corners on the way down. I haven't done the ride up, so not sure what that is like.Anyway, as we were staying in Bicheno for 2 nights, the ride today was always going to be a round trip. There weren't too many options as we had just come down from the North, and would be heading South later in the week, so the only option was to head West - so we did. The ride for today was....


    First stop was Coles Bay On the Freycinet Penninsula. Coles Bay overlooks Great Oyster Bay, and provides easy access to the Freycinet National Park. Now, if any of you have been to Coles Bay before you will know what I am talking about, but if I had to describe it in one word it would be WOW! It is just spectacular. Big limestone hills, spectacular views from just about everywhere, but especially from the Cape Tourville Lighthouse.


    Next stop was Campbell Town, another historic town on the Midland Highway between Hobart and Launceston - and we were going to get there by riding the Lake Leakes road. I had heard bikers raving about this ride, and whilst it was nice, with open sweeping bends (and a good surface) I personally didn't think it was anything special. Leonie enjoyed it though as it was more her type of riding than the narrow twisty stuff which seems to get me going. It was dry countryside compared to where we have been though.

    Anyway, lunchtime, and after a quick cruise up the main street of Campbell Town to see what was available, Leonie fancies a pizza. No probs, so we pull up and park outside an Italian Pizza place - signs everywhere advertising pizzas. We go inside, and can't see menus anywhere - only the few foccatia's that were in the display - no pizzas until evening. So, chicken with us dried tomatoes and cheese it is for me, with a BLT for Leonie. The highlight of the stop for me though was when this feral chick from South Australia tried to pick me up!! Haha!

    On the way back to Bicheno, we pass through the tiny town of Avoca. What a surprise to see that there is a Magistrates Court there - I mean there can't be more than 50 people living there, and not more than 200 in the surrounding area. It's the right wing of the photo above.
    By now we were getting cold, so onwards and upwards (literally) it was. To make our way back to Bicheno, we had to go back up to St Mary's, and then through Elephant Pass again - yippee!! I mean it's not the best one I've ridden, but it one of them - if you ride a bike, put it on the to-do list.


    It's hard over here to pick the weather - looks like a beaut day when you are leaving, then clouds build up and you freeze!!

    More to follow.....
  5. DAY 4

    Another day and another fantastic ride through some of the best that Tasmania has to offer. A beautiful day, but with a forecast top of 17 (yes.....17 C in Summer), we knew that we had better put warm clothes on from the outset.


    Today we were heading further down the east coast - it's much flatter than up north, and much drier - the landscape is brown here, and looks barren in places. The ride itself was uneventful, with the exception of the first Tasmanian Cop that had somebody pulled over and was writing a ticket. A good bike had warned us about his presence though.


    Also on the way to Sorrell, we were riding out of Oxford and through Buckland on the Tasman Highway when we came across this great stretch of road - nice open curves one after the other and it looked like continuing for a while, so I immediately thought.....I'm gonna have some fun here, so I opened the bike up and had a ball - about half way up the hill I came across a sign naming the hill - it was "BREAK ME NECK HILL", and I though how appropriate! The other side of the hill which was similar terrain and road conditions, was called "BUST ME GALL HILL" - all proof that Tasmanians do have a sense of humour!

    Checking in to "The Fox & Hounds Inn" near Port Arthur, we met up with a few other bikies Joe & Marina, and we all headed off for a quick ride throu the loop to kill a few hours. We went to see the "Blowhole" (not much happening as it was a fairly calm day), and then on to the Tasman Arch and the Devils Kitchen.


    After getting back to "The Fox & Hounds Inn", we then met up with other mates of Joe & Marina - Steve, Mark & Jess, and we all settled in for a nice meal at the pub and a few ales (as you do).

    Another great day in heaven!

    More to follow......
  6. DAY 5


    As we all know, life is not all beer & skittles, and it was bound to happen that we would get a day of bad weather - at least one day that is, because today doesn't look much better, although it's not raining .... Yet!

    As we were about to leave Port Arthur it started raining, and didn't let up all day, with the exception of the short time we were in Hobart.
    I'm not going to get into the details, other than to say we were saturated through to the bones!!


    We were heading down to Southport, a small town in the far south of Tas, and that too turned to sh*t. There was no accommodation, so we had to backtrack to Dover - now, we were going to have to backtrack anyway, but we (I) had the shits by then!


    Enough said - a bad day - move on princess!

    More to follow......
  7. DAY 6


    Day 6 began as all the others had - climbing out of a strange bed in an unfamiliar room! BUT, the rain had stopped, so that was a good sign. We had an early start though (by Leonie's standards), as we didn't have much information about the places we would encounter today.

    The plan was to ride out west to see the 2 big lakes - Lake Pedder & Lake Gordon - I mean they were there, so let's just go out there and see what we find - can't hurt!

    We also intended to head up to the top of Mount Wellington to get a good view of Hobart, but as we approached it became clear that that was not going to happen - low cloud put a stop to that. So, we headed into town and had a coffee at the most unorganised Coffee shop in Sandy Bay - no, make that Hobart - there couldn't be another this bad!!! The Coffee was ordinary also, but hey, it was Coffee.


    Moving off and heading into the town of New Norfolk, I suddenly see red and blue flashing lights in my mirrors - damn - I wasn't speeding (much) - damn again! The one (one of many) time i'm speeding, and the bloody popo are there!!! Damn!!! It's defintely me cause he's sitting behind me - Ah well, just pull over! Then, all of a sudden the 4wd with the blue & red flashing lights sped past me - turns out that it was a fire truck, and that we were heading into the area that had all the bush fires! This became rather obvious when we got to the other side of New Norfolk and saw all the smouldering paddocks etc.


    After stopping briefly at Bushy Park, a town along the upper Derwent, we rode through Westerway and went through to Maydena to get fuel for the ride out to Strathgordon. Pulling into the servo, we see the attendant taking the readings on the pumps - shit, they're closing it's only 11am!! Wrong Gerry, they weren't closing - they were closed! What the hell, they only open on Satursay, Sunday & Monday's - well tell people that instead of saying you have the last fuel for XXX kms - there aint much point in "having" it if your not "selling" it! She then told us that there was no fuel other than Westerway, and we had to ride back there if we wanted it. So, back we went! I didn't really mind cause the road was fantastic - riding through the forest, long windy corners, it was just nice and relaxing.
    We said that when we got back to Westerway that we would make a decision whether to continue on to Strathgordon, or just go somewhere else. We decided to continue on out there and have a look! The lady at the servo in Westerway told us that the Lake Pedder Chalets were open again, and even got us the number so that we could book in - done! We were on our way.

    Now, I just can't describe the ride out there- words like awesome, brilliant, fantastic, special, mind-blowing etc just don't do it justice. It was like it was out of the movies - I honestly have neither ridden or driven a road this nice before! Never! Anywhere!

    Then, we get to the Chalets - again, like in the movies. Views to die for, and the rooms were comfortable. The place had been built by Hydro Tasmania to house it's workers that built the dam, so everything was top notch. They had shut it 4 years prior after the dam was finished, and left it vacant. The current owners bout it in Dec last year and have been open since January. I wanted to buy it!!!

    If you haven't done the Gordon River Road, you haven't done Tassie!! It's got to be on the itinerary!

    More to follow....
  8. 100_0226.



    More to follow.....
  9. DAY 7


    Day 7 started out with only 2 things in mind - Firstly, I had to stop off at the Nant Distillery in Bothwell, and then secondly to head up north again. In Bothwell, i wanted to pick up a bottle of nice whiskey for myself, and another one for a work mate who also likes a fine whiskey.

    So, leaving Strathgordon I had a huge grin on my face as I knew that I had to ride that fantastic Gordon River Road again - so off we went with me smiling from ear to ear. First up we went up to have a look at the Gordon Dam (pic yesterday) - as you would expect, a large mass of concrete, but it was much smaller than what I had anticipated given that the dam is 3 times the size of Lake Eildon.

    After fuelling up in Westaway again and a hot coffee, we headed for Bothwell. There has been a big group of Victory riders touring Tas for the last couple of weeks also, and e keep on bumping into them, and guess where they were - yep - Bothwell! Anyway, we had lunch, and after interrogating the young girl at the bakery, I finally managed to establish which direction the distillery was.


    Arriving at a sign for the Distillery, the road was GRAVEL - Leonie doesn't do gravel! I'm dead when she gets me!! I didn't stop needless to say, and she followed me down the track. After a km or 2 we arrived at the gates, only to see it was SHUT - it's Saturday for Petes sake! So, u-turn, back out the gravel road and off we go, whiskey less, but I suppose it's the intention that counts!


    From Bothwell we head up over the Central Plateau, and you reckon it wasn't cold up there - it was bloody freezing, and we had sleet at one point up the very top. There are 2 by lakes on the map up there, but the only water we saw was coming from the sky. It was so cold towards the end that I couldn't think whether it was better to stop for a while to warm up, or keep going to get out of it! Anyway, down we come from the plateau and start looking for accommodation. We checked out all the towns along the way, and the only reasonable place we could find was the Westbury Hotel - old but nice, and the owner was a friendly chap.

    More to follow.......
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  10. DAY 8


    Why the big loop - you were heading out West???......well.....We knew that it was likely that it would be wet on Sunday, and apparently it rained heavily all night. It was still pouring when I got up and was having brekky out on the balcony. What to do? Well, that's where the iPad comes in handy, so check out the forecast. It was meant to clear later in the day.

    So, I ask the owner if he minds if we hang out on the balcony for a while and he was more that happy for us to do that - as I mentioned, a nice guy and was very accommodating. At about 11am I said to Leonie that we may as well get going as it didn't look like clearing. So, off we go, and the plan was to head up to Devonport, and then out along the North West coast.


    Arriving n Devonport, it was time for lunch, so we ride around looking for a cafe! It was like hunting, and the Cafe's in Devonport were proving illusive - they were. Nowhere to be found. We decide to head out of town and get someone on the way. We get to Turners Beach, just slightly east of Ulverstone, and find a nice cafe along the waterfront. Leonie had the All-day brekky and I just went with a B&E roll - both were really good.

    Then Leonie says her bike is leaking oil, and when we had a look, it wasn't so much leaking, more spraying oil out - not good!! Checking the dipstick, nothing - not good!! We would have to head back to Launceston to Richardsons HD to get it checked out.


    We rode back the 100kms on the freeway, and found a great Country Club resort close to the dealer, and are waiting on them to open this morning to find out what the story is - easy fix, few days to fix, or terminal.

    More to follow.......
  11. DAY 9 - Richardsons HD

    Thanks to the team at Richardsons who replaced both head gaskets on Leonie's bike yesterday - not bad for a bike that was serviced a week before we left!!! Here are some photos from their Museum.




    More to follow.....
  12. DAY 10


    Now that Leonie is back on 2 wheels (thanks again to the crew at Richardsons HD), we headed back out towards the North West coast. It really was a ripper of a day, and probably the best since we arrived in Tasmania.

    There is one good thing about riding on the main highways here - they are all 110kms limits - no matter if they are 1 lane or 2.

    We stopped off and had a coffee at a town called Penguin - only because I saw a sign saying "big Penguin this exit" and I thought there's something big that I hadn't seen before!!! They even had Penguin shaped rubbish bins!


    From there we wandered out to a lookout called Table Cape - a nice spot on a fine day, but he I wouldn't like to be there if the weather was crap. The colour of the water was spectacular though! Then it was onto Boat Harbour for lunch.....why it's called Boat Harbour I don't know cause there was no harbour, and you couldn't get a decent size boat into the cove.


    From there we made our way out to Stanley to see the big hill (The Nut) just because it was there :), and then rode straight back to Somerset to make the ride down to Strahan a bit easier on the old girl!!

    More to follow......
  13. DAY 11

    Now, it I haven't mentioned it before, Leonie did not want to go down the West coast at all because of the windy roads - she drove them (car) before and didn't have good memories. I think she thought if she kept on saying that it was not nice that I would change my mind and decide not to go! She should know me better after this long!! The West coast held the same lure for me as the rest of Tas, and it's not as if I hadn't said plenty of times that we were going down there!

    So, down the West coast we go.


    Leaving the Seabrook Hotel at Somerset was a much nicer experience than staying there, eating there, or even dealing with the people there! The place was a dump, the food ordinary, and the people rude! There, I've given them a good promotion as I said I would!! Give it a big miss!

    Riding down the road South (A10) we were going through some nice forests and the road was good, although in places you had to be careful as it was still damp and the sun hadn't hit the road yet. Then i spot this 4WD coming out of a side track, and as you do on a bike, i thought "watch this one - middle of nowhere" - sure enough, the silly cow drove straight out in front of me without even a glance - lucky i had slowed!! It was a bit chilly in the morning, so after about another half hour we pulled over at Helleyr Gorge. There were other bikers camping there and they had a fire going, so we warmed up at that whilst having a chat.


    We then turned left and headed for Cradle Mountain - a big rock in the middle of Tas. After passing the local Popo that had a radar set up to catch the tourists speeding, we arrived at the Car Park to find it packed. after venturing inside for a coffee, we eventually got one, and also found out that they weren't letting anyone else into the park (only on their busses) as it had reached capacity for now. Bummer, what a waste of time.

    So, back out the road we go, and on to Rosebery and Zeehan - both nice mining towns. The "Bluestone Mining Company" is the predominant employer here in the region, and go figure, they mine Tin, not Bluestone!!
    Arriving in Strahan, the place was packed - and I mean PACKED! There wasn't a bed to be found anywhere in Town. Furthermore, the train wasn't running as there had been a landslide, and there was only one ferry operating. There were lots of disappointed people around! Not us though, we said lets get the hell out f here and we headed off for Queenstown (after booking accom through the tourist centre).


    Now, Queenstown was not what I had expected at all, but is a very nice place situated in the depths of a valley. The hills are heavily scarred from mining activities, but all in all it's a nice place. We stayed at the Silver Hills Motel, nice people, comfortable and good food, but if you are in one of the front motel rooms, be prepared to be woken up by the traffic in the morning.

    More to follow......
  14. 100_0319.



    More to follow.....
  15. DAY 12


    Again today, the weather was just fantastic - blue skies as far as you could see. Well, that was from the bottom of the valley at Queenstown! Having spoken to the Owner of the hotel the night before (over a couple of beers), I already knew that the ride up to the top of the hill was going to be a good one - there were 99 turns on the hill, and that was just the bit you could see to get out of the valley - yippee!

    After a quick tour of the town while I was waiting for Leonie, we headed off in the direction of Hobart, only to take note of a sign saying no more fuel for 86kms, hence a quick u-turn back to Queenstown to fill up. After that we headed off proper and got stuck into the hill. I came across a couple of cars winding their way up, but they were no match for Fat Bob - coz he can't see double white lines!! When we got to the top and down the other side things started to change - there were a lot more corners that were in the shade, and the surface needed to be watched. One thing thoug, the road surfaces on the West coast seemed to be very grippy!

    Anyway, off we rode and ventured towards Derwent Bridge. Now the way we ride is that I take off at my pace, and Leonie at hers. I then pull over periodically to let her catch up. So when we were on the way to Derwent Bridge, I kept on having to.ass out the same cars/camper vans/4wd trailers etc. Bit boring, but I made a game out of it by letting them ALL pass me out, and then set out to get each one of them. This happened 3 times by which time they were just moving over to let me through hehe!


    Coffee at Derwent Bridge went do┼Án well because along with all those shady corners came bitter cold!! It was freezing, and some places reminded me of the trip up through the Central Highlands when we had sleet! Anyway, off we went again through Bronte & Tarraleah, the latter being part of the Hydro Tasmania power scheme to get water into the Central plains (it's DRY there despite what everyone thinks about Tas weather!)

    Now, we were going to be near Bothwell again, so I had to give the Nant Distillery one more go. Because it was gravel roads, Leonie stayed at Bothwell, and I went out to the Distillery. On the track down there I came across a large flock of Sheep being herded (I inked that's what you do with Sheep) to a different paddock. Now, these Sheep obviously hadn't come across a HD Fat Bob before, cause they just stopped and wouldn't move. Then, when it all became too much for one of them at the back, he just turned and ran back the way they had come! Now, we all know what sheep do - yep, they follow each other, so suddenly there were 500 sheep running wildly past the farmer and his dog!! Pissed myself laughing as I watched him get them under control again. The Distillery was indeed open, and I picked up 2 sample bottles (very tight for space on bike).

    We had really Intended heading down to Hobart for a night, but as we were north of it (and had to head north anyway for the Saturday ferry) and getting tired, we decided to head straight up the Midland Highway and find somewhere to stay. (Sorry Melissa - next time)

    Pulling into Oaklands we found not much, and stopped off at a pub that was shut and thinking what the hell!! After finding another pub and checked out the accom situation, they told us to go back to the pub that was shut again, and if we had no luck, they would see if they could help us out! Too Hard, so off to Ross we went.

    Before leaving though, I noticed that Leonie's front tyre was flat as a tack. We pumped it up at the servo across the way, and headed off.


    At Ross, We stayed at the Man O'Ross hotel - again, nice, clean comfortable, and reasonable rates. Food was good too, and I would definitely recommend (I'll put together a proper list at the end with recommendations etc)

    More to follow.....
  16. DAY 13 & 14

    Day 13 was pretty much spent getting the bike towed back to Oaklands, which was the nearest town that had somebody who could work on it (The BP servo).

    It was here that we soon realised that the back tyre on her bike had started to delaminate, and there were some serious chunks about to go missing.

    So, Day 14 consisted of a slow ride back up to Launceston, and yet another visit to Richardsons Harley Davidson to get a new rear tyre fitted. Thanks again to the guys there for doing it so quick........

    Then, just a quick scoot back up to Devonport, and it was back on the boat and home!

    We did stop off along the way though at the Elizabeth Town Bakery and Cafe - just to park in their reserved Motorcycle Only Parking area once again. Thanks guys!


    And that was our trip of Tassie for 2012!


    Best road of the trip for me was the road out to Strathgordon. It really was a great ride.
    Second comes the ride down Elephant Pass, from St Marys to the coast, and
    Third comes the ride down through Sheffield and Mole Creek.
    And, last but not least, the ride from Strahan to Queenstown, and the big hill out of Queenstown heading towards Hobart.

    The Highlight of the trip for me was Strathgordon, and the views when you got there. It really was awesome.The North-West coast.


    Spending so much time getting Leonie's bike fixed. She did get it serviced before we left, but obviously not good enough.
    We didn't get to spend any time in Strahan. So I have to go back!

    Nothing spectacular in any of the places we stayed
    I didn't get to have one of Tassie's famous Scallop pies. So I have to go back!

    No air conditioning in any of the places we stayed.
    Cheap will get you just that - cheap and nasty!

    TASMANIA - I will be back!!!

  17. Love it, very nice write up!! put it in the raod diaries as well!!
  18. Thanks for that comprehensive outline of your trip. I spent 10 days there recently with the girlfriend but she is not a motorbike fan so we drove! I'm very keen to do a motorbike trip over to Tassie this year just by myself. Maybe a week or so. The place is just fantastic!
  19. Goddie, I thought I had put it in Road Diaries, but please let me know if I haven't! P.S. the Nant Distillery whiskey ain't worth it - much better quality and variety available in Tasmanian boutique whiskeys! Nant prices went from $30 to $160 in one bottle size! They only had 50mm and 500mm bottles!

    Paragon, Tas is definitely worth doing. We rushed the West coast, and I would take my time next time! Strathgordon a MUST in my book, and next time, I will do the same route in 7 days (+ ferry).


    I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-37.858672,145.264161
  20. I hated reading this because i see what i could have done, but wasn't able to. At the same time i loved this because i could see what i could have done, but wasn't able to. thanks for the write up. I had planned a trip a while a go that included many of the places and roads you visited. Good to read what they were like.
    Pity you missed cradle mountain. I tried a scallop pie when i was there and i can only describe it as interesting. It was like a seafood laksa.
    Did you get a chance to visit lark distillery or d'anvers chocolate shop?
    What gear were you wearing, and what would you recommend for next time to combat the temp differences?