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14 cyclists injured in 24 hours = good press?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by zenali, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. I saw this article in The Age today:

    Number of peak-hour cyclists soar

    It mentions the particularly bad day for cycling accidents yesterday, but the overall tone of the article is very positive.

    I don't know about you all, but I think that motorcycling could use this kind of press. Imagine if we had a day where 14 riders were knocked off their bikes in the city in one day. Do you think we'd be hearing about needing more motorcyclists on the road to give safety in numbers? Or how in countries with more riders, car drivers take more care around them because they might be a rider themselves?

    I'm not having a go at cyclists, being one myself when the mood takes me. I just think that we should be looking for this kind of action from the MRA (or whatever group). An annual census of riders in and out of the city would be a start. And somebody to stand up and say that our safety record (in Victoria) is actually getting better and better to counter the anti-bike hysteria coming from the TAC.

  2. ‘‘The biggest thing (in Australia) is there needs to be political will to take space currently used by cars away from them and give it to cyclists,"

    Tell THAT to the poor motorists who have to battle the two-wheeled terroritsts on the last Friday of every month on their illegal but never prosecuted ride across the Harbour Bridge.....
  3. Is that critical mass thing still going on in Sydney?
  4. riding across the bridge is cool. Done it a few times for the sydney cycle.
  5. But back on topic for a minute - how do we get the press to run favourable articles about having more motorcycles on the road and fewer injuries and fatalities? Last year we had a 50% increase in motorcycle and scooter registrations, but a 20% decrease in injuries. Why aren't we seeing positive press about this?

    I'd like to hear ideas for a bit of spin-doctoring.
  6. I spoke to a TAC person about this and, in essence, was told we don't do good news stories

    The count is interesting - it's not exactly an independednt count when it's done by an organisation with a seriously vested interest in the outcome (Bicycle Victoria)
  7. Let me just adjust this in the interest of discussion:

    Marilyn Johnson, a researcher at Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, said the rate of motorcycling accidents generally declined when the motorcycling population increased...
    ...‘‘The biggest thing (in Australia) is there needs to be political will to take space currently used by cars away from them and give it to motorcyclists,’’ she said.

    See what I'm getting at? Not very likely is it...
    MUARC have an agenda. Well, two actually; promote cycling despite the risks because it is inherently 'nice'; and discourage motorcycling despite improving accident rates because it is inherently 'evil'.
    If MUARC actually cared what happens to motorcyclists they would push for the same consideration for motorcyclists in road space as they do for cyclists. But they actually don't give a shit.
    The double standards are sickening.
  8. Good call, titus. It was the double standard that got my attention too. I was expecting to see a spray about how unsafe bicycles are and how people ride them in the traffic with nothing but a helmet and some lycra between them and imminent death. Instead I saw a lot of well spoken people saying that we need more bikes on the road and we need motorists to give them more space and look out for them.

    Which is exactly what I've been saying about motorcycles.
  9. Just a bit of a reminder, stories don't need to be wholly factual, reliable or independent to make them newsworthy. All they need to be is prefabricated, timely and either agreeable or controversial to the general public to have them published.

    Spoon feeding the media so they can spoon feed the public wins the day :)
  10. theres a few people who ride bicycles to my work... and everyone there thinks that's great.

    i ride a motor cycle to work... and everyone there thinks that's crazy.

    i think the people who ride bicycles to work are crazy... too dangerous in my opinion.

    where did they learn to think this way?... probably TAC media campaigns over the years.

    honestly for like the first 5 years i worked there if i was late or took a sickie they'd straight away assume i'd been in an accident, like ringing up to find out if i was ok.

    and the only time anyone has been in an accident on the way to my work was one of the cyclists there.

    i'm a very safe rider and always full agatt, reflective gear on winter mornings...i am obsessed with anything that can give me a safety edge... but the cyclists at work, i see them to and from sometimes and i shit you not these guys are kamakazis.

    i hate the double standards
  11. We don't have press like this because the bicycle people have highly intelligent, latte drinking, lentil munchers writing their informative and well rounded press releases... and we don't.

    We've just got some grumpy old bikers.

    Write some awesome press releases and tell the media what to write.

  12. Just imagine what lycra would do if you went for a really good slide :eek:

    Makes me glad to be in a workplace where out of maybe 40 people there are 10-15 motorbikes and 6 bicycles. Warms the heart I tells ya :)

    So what is it that BV does that the pro motorbike groups don't in order to get such good publicity? Bikers are generally a really great bunch of people with a lot of generosity for various causes. Why is it that the general public appears to be blissfully unaware of this?
  13. 1. They make money. 'How' is irrelevant in this discussion.
    2. They have acquired the political support of green-thinking politicians and individuals
    3. Their constituency (ie. cyclists) are assumed to not cost the government and taxpayers very much money.

    Really, I don't think they've done much more than catch the wave. But on the other hand they haven't shot themselves in the foot either.
  14. Wow, just caught up with this thread.

    I'm not surprised 14 cyclists went down. BV were spamming it's lists pretty hard to get out and ride on that day. A lot of incompetent riders would have been out on their bikes.

    Mind you, they do it every year, so in relative terms the increase is either a real measure of how many more people have bikes or a measure of how much better their campaign was this time round, or a mix of both.

    I saw some comments about the unsuitability of lycra. Yep, it doesn't have any crash protective qualities, but it is perfectly suitable and appropriate gear for performance cycling. Those arguing the protection angle, you must realise that the road rash from typical cycling speeds is not like the road rash you can expect from typical motorcycling speeds? So it's a horses for courses thing. yeh yeh, give me the packs are dangerous spiel and their speeds... squidders argue it's their right to choose their level of gear, so why can't cyclists? Oh and if any pro squidders are giving the cyclists a serve regarding lycra's lack of protection, please take yourself out the back and give yourselves a right bollocking for being a hypocrit. Thanks. :)

    As for can we get positive PR for motorcycling stats... well right now, we're really in the poo. 100% more fatalities right now compared to last year. My guess is that even on percapita terms, that's a fair increase... and is one of the reasons I put up the cornering 101 thread... just incase it's poor cornering skills that's playing a major part.
  15. i just about wanted to run down the pushie rider who slowed 100 cars down repeatedly allong st georges rd last night because he didnt want to use the bike lane like the rest of the fags.

    if i had my own lane i would sure as **** use it
  16. That st georges rd bike path is one of the most dangerous around - believe it or not.
  17. Entirely Justifiable…
    If there is a bike lane there is a legal requirement for cyclists to use it.
  18. I don't think that's true. Not in Vic anyway. A bike is allowed to ride on any road that a car can drive on, regardless of whether there is a bike lane nearby.