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VIC 14/4/2013 - Preston MCC Road Race School - Broadford (VIC)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. I'm there! (hopefully)
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  3. booked.
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  4. il be taking pics
  5. Might take a ride down to watch :)
  6. I'll be on track
  7. having a gay old time
  8. how did you know I was in the old timers group
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  9. Booked in!
  10. so are you going to have a gay old time?
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  11. Just sent in my rego, see you all there :)
  12. I'll be there to help out being flag boy. Haven't seen the track in months :(
  13. Booked in

    Looking forward to my 2nd track day..:cautious:
  14. Anyone who has done the race school in past, could you please tell me how the days are run?

    How's training provided.

    Thinking of doing my first track day.

  15. Waqar, a mixture of classroom and on-track sessions...

    Basically you go in the classroom talk about a partictular tecnique for 20 mins, then head out on the track for 15/20 mins and practice what you just learnt.. You usually do 5-6 rounds of that..

    You will learn a lot, and have a great time as well..
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  16. Thanks for the reply SammyA.

    Looking forward to the day, hopefully it doesn't rain.