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1340cc katana

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by chriskat1100, May 3, 2006.

  1. how about a 1340cc 88 katana 600 yep it has 178hp and it is a fun ride!

  2. :? I'm confused.... is this a post?

    Is it a question or a statement or what? :?
  3. How about a pic?
  4. We need pictures - and details, by 600 Katana do you mean the 650cc shaft-drive version or the GSX600F (sold in the US as a Katana).
  5. hmm.. maybe it was in response ..yet accidentally started a thread instead (ryhmes) ehehe :shock:
  6. No pics. No proof. No details. Next it will be a 1700cc Vespa.
  7. Theres a guy in the game affectionately called Mono Rono,havent seen him but apparently he can mono on a track as far as the straight goes,kinda like a trade mark signature ride, like Corser with his leg over the Duke while mono-ing like he did few years back at Philip island after winning both races and the SBK championship?
    He,s the Gixxer king,Katana as I understand it is basically a worked GSX1100 motor with some extra good bits,I was told he,s been boring out and stroking gixxers for years,to make the 1340,s, making rough equivalent version,s of the Hayabusa 1300cc,s :shock:
  8. There was also an ad on ebay recently by a guy that had modified a standard Kat motor into a six-cylinder and was selling all the equpiment needed to make your own (forget though what the final displacement was, or what size Kat engine they'd used).
  9. WEBSITE http://www.answers.com/topic/suzuki-katana

    Oddly, the original design ethos re-reared its head at the 2005 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, when Suzuki rolled out a concept bike called the Suzuki Stratosphere, which heavily incorporated many facets of the original ED1/ED2 designs, although tied in a new transversely-mounted narrow 6-cylinder engine. (Source: Tokyo Motorcycle Show Press Releases).
  10. how about a 45litre 10000hp cb45000, it is a fun ride!
  11. Not THAT would mono!
  12. No, this was some guy who'd created a mould based around the original, air cooled, kat motor. Found some pics, if I remember correctly all he was selling was the moulds to make your own - and they weren't selling cheap.
  13. ok it has a 92 gsxr 1127 engine bured out to 1340 it has 38mm carbs
    ported and polished head and 265 grind cams it is geting a swing arm from a 93 gsxr750 and a 190/50/17 tire and yes this is a 88 katana in the USA