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130kmh ABOVE on Geelong Fwy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FormerUser1, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. On the news this morning:
    Biker caught doing 130kmh above limit on Geelong Fwy, 2-up.
    Guy with a 12mths suspended licence.
    Go, bro, go :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Guess it will be suspended for a little longer now!
  3. From this morning's paper.

    A MOTORCYCLIST was caught travelling at almost three times the speed limit on slippery roads with his girlfriend riding pillion.
    The man, 25, was clocked at more than 210km/h in an 80km/h zone at Lara last night.

    Senior Constable Robert De Bono, of Corio police, said: "I followed him for about 7.5km and eventually caught up when he slowed down at a hairpin bend. In every speed zone he travelled through, he was at least double the speed limit."

    It was not the first time Senior Constable De Bono had witnessed extremely dangerous driving. In May, he clocked a 20-year-old at 230km/h on the Western Ring Rd at Laverton North.
  4. Geez I'm guessing Snr Con De Bono wouldn't have been too worried about his own speed if he caught up with him!
  5. In the right conditions those speeds are perfectly safe. However, girlfriend on the back, slippery roads (as reported) and through low speed areas does not constitute the right conditions. The fool will have at least a year or two to consider all this while on the bus. The Cops must have been flying to catch the guy and he didn't explode into little pieces so speed alone is not the problem. Being irresponsible is.
  6. Couldn't agree more. And, if he does want to be that stupid and endanger his life, eh shouldn't endanger someone else's (the pillion).
  7. Blokes already on a suspended license. Think the only way they'll stop him is jail time/confiscation of bike.
  8. but you really have to wonder at this copper that chased him down for 7.5 ks at those speeds in those conditions too eh :shock: sure enuff, the guy on the bike is a dick, but what does that make the copper for doing the same thing in the same conditions in a vehicle that weighs 6 times as much :? surely you'd just jot down the plate and knock on his door later.....
  9. tru
  10. And what's the bet that he foolishly and dangerously blocked half of the lefthand lane for the whole time that he had the fella pulled over.

    I've seen cop cars left in some really dangerous positions after pulling over a speeding driver, far more of a risk to other traffic than the driver doing 10-30 over ever was.

    Put on uniform, leave brain at home. :roll:
  11. 210 in an 80 zone , cool . He must of been on an across 8)
  12. It's a shame that this moron got caught, because it brings out the talkback radio morons in force against us riders. At the same time, he deserves whats coming to him, no licence and a pillion isn't very smart (or in damp conditions)

    The cop surely must come under some scrutiny too - He would have had to be doing at least 200kph as well, which is the same offence he was about to cite the other guy for... If the speed was so dangerous, there was no way police regulations would allow him to do it, and cop cars would be speed limited to 110kph... sigh

    Speeding to catch a speeder... I wonder if cops are a allowed to commit fraud to catch a fraudster? **** to catch a ******? Seems if the offence is tolerable if the person is in uniform, then it may not not be so offensive after all...
  13. If there's a 3 m cyclone wire fence to keep the kangaroos etc off the road.
  14. It would appear that wandering farm animals are a greater risk at present.
  15. If a roo jumps straight in front of you, walking pace is the only safe speed... I've been in a car doing 90 in a 100 zone, the thing saw the road light up in front of our car, and the driver didn't even get time to brake until after he had hit it... bloody roos :roll:
  16. The guy is a legend and they (cops) should commend him on his bike control with a pillion on wet roads. Why are people so unkind :cry:

    Cheers 8)
  17. Maybe it was devoid of these hazards; he may have been following Marty - using him as a minesweeper.
  18. Traditional disklie

    I think we need to set aside our traditional dislike of the blue arm of the law in cases like this and accept that they are charged with the responsibility of keeping law-breakers like this off the road. After all, the primary crime here is riding unlicenced, and as a consequence of this, without any insurance or comeback for anyone he hit/damaged/killed. The speeding crime simply brought his primary crime to the surface.
    I agree that since he cannot be disqualified, and since he is obviously prepared to ride while he is, if he was, he should be given a month or two at Her Majesty's pleasure, where he can't break ANY laws or endanger anyone else.
    Now to the police. Their pursuit drivers are trained to drive at speed, they are trained to pull out of pursuit if in their supervisor's opnion, the danger of continuing it outweighs the value of continuing, and surely we want them keeping brain-dead morons like this off the road? I agree with you Dan, about speed cameras, but surely us riders should encourage the police to deal with dills like this to make the road safer for us and other motorists?
    Lastly, put yourself in the position of the father of the young lady on the back, how would you feel if it was your daughter being so carelessly endangered?