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1300 Kwaka is PS

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Seany, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. It's now Peter Stevens Kawasaki as of 2 days ago. Both stores.

    Just letting everyone know as I waltzed in yesterday and didn't even notice that the place was a mess before I started asking for the bits I wanted. :)

  2. Apparently Peter Stevens has bought Moto Yamaha in Ferntree Gully also.
  3. This doesn't sound like it can end well......... :(
  4. I agree Mark, I don't think a monopoly is good for any business. I guess supporting other shops is the only way to combat the take-over? (I wasn't suggesting any other shop in particular :wink: ).
  5. Does this mean Sharp Tune Dandenong has lost it's Kawasaki Dealership?
    I agree .. monopoly should only be a game played at home
  6. I noticed a big sign up on Elizabeth St Kwacka dealer - 'Bikes supplied by Peter Stevens'.
  7. Happy to support those that support me....... :grin: :wink: :cool:
  8. Why would that mean that Sharptune has lost their dealership?!!!! 1300 are in Ferntree Gully & Ringwood.
  9. They took over the shop 7 months ago.
  10. Whachootalkinabout Willis??

    +1 on the monopoly

  11. Yep. Cosways is now PS as well
  12. Just thought with PS in Dandenong a few doors up .. Shit may hit the fan ??
  13. I guess that's a good thought but PS have Yamaha in Geelong but I don't think it affects us at Yamaha City which is next door to PS city store.

    I'm sure Albert at Sharptune may be a little worried, as I've told him before; he should concentrate on running his business properly and he shouldn't have anything to worry about.
  14. What monopoly?? there are new bike shops opening every where all the time... The whole industry is growing %10-%15 a year... just last year there have been %20 more LMCT's issued in Victoria for the purpose of sale of MOTORCYCLES!

    PS is like MYER... big and every where... nice place to shop... it has all the main brands... but is it a monopoly??

    Open your eyes... there are new shops every where...
  15. Not if PS keeps buying them out.
  16. PS is nothing like Myer, even by your description, if there is a PS Suzuki dealer near you do you think Suzuki are going to sell bikes to you in another shop? This is not Nike, you can't get them at every motorbike shop, if there's a PS dealer there already, nobody else can open a dealership, so yes, it is becoming a monopoly. Ask Suzuki why they won't sell to PS in geelong? For that exact reason, they already have Honda and yamaha there, and they don't want to put all their eggs in one basket so to speak by having one retailer with all their major dealerships. Ask Kawasaki why they stopped dealing with PS a few years ago? Same reason.
  17. My friend, it is your eyes that need to be opened. Just speak to a few 'small' owner-occupied bike shops, perhaps then you may begin to understand the strain they are under thanks to the likes of the big players moving in.

    It isn't unlike the superstores of today, they have caused the demise of many small retailers.
  18. My main gripe with PS is largely due to the fact that they are not just retailers.... they are also importers. Monza imports is owned by the same people that own PS, in turn, PS stock all products lines that Monza import, and rarely the competitors lines.
  19. That can't be any worse than the way it was run previously...
  20. LOL "just speak to a few 'small' owner-occupied bike shops"... That is funny.. that is what i do... very often... Where do you think they (the small retailer) shop?? e-bay?? K-mart?? nope... they buy all their parts from Peter Stevens Motorcycles and why not any other dealer?? coz PS is the only dealer that does not artificially inflate prices...

    The strain comes from the biggest small business killer... the internet... Just think how much, a bad word on THIS FORUM can hurt a small shop... Just think how much cheeper you can buy your bike parts on e-bay or any other internet store... Internet is the reason for 1300 selling up... PS was the only one willing to buy it out!