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1300 kawasaki bought out by peter Stevens!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by awseome, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. WTF!! they were pretty good blokes at 1300 friendly and helpfull. now they will be moulded in to PS way of customer service = crap.

    will have to find another another freindly dealer now. even if it 10 suburbs away.

  2. Has been for a while. But the dealings I had with 1300 were still good. They changed owners, not the staff.
  3. Hey Envy-t

    Corporate buy-outs are always the same - keep the staff for a little while and then change them out for those within the new Parent Company.

    PS idea is to dominate the market and remove options. Good business model but not always best for the customer as it impacts pricing associated with servicing, spares and accessories.
  4. I think it happened about three months ago.

    This is from another thread, but help your cause :)

  5. That sucks, there should be a law against market monopoly, they already bump up prices on scooters and such, a friend of mine eventually bought a scoother from Sydney when she compared prices with P.S. and P.S being the sole importer of a certain brand in Victoria would not budge on prices. it turned out cheaper to buy from Sydney and have them shipped to Melbourne. :mad:
  6. What has happened to the spirit of competition??? :cry:
  7. a good case for supporting the competition! Without the competition in the marketplace, we can imagine how prices would fare in a monopolistic environment.
  8. Here I was thinking that the OP was illiterate and should have written, "1300cc Kawasaki brought out by Peter Stevens" as the thread title...

  9. Stevo's have been good to me, over the last 30 years. I don't expect that to change. I have no need to "Forumbash" them
  10. Same here.
  11. I haven't really had any issues with them either and I've bought a couple of new bikes from them.

    Part of the reason they get a bad rap I suspect is the tall poppy syndrome.
  12. i had the worst experience with them when i was buying my bike, eventually gave up in anger and went and bought from 1300 who were a complete opposite to PS, i don't know where tall poppy comes in to play but the word monopoly is a recurring event.

    and yeah i deal with stuart and he is a champ. hope they leave it the way it is.
  13. Its more than that bud.

    Staff member there is close friends with an NR who was told they have
    had to take a paycut.

    What happens when that happens? You don't give a shit as much? Change
    of staff because one won't accept their reduced salary?

    Who knows :?

    I've only had limited dealing with em. Only had to ride my ZX9 for a few 100
    metres to know they'd been f*cking around with my bike.

    Did a U-turn & since I picked it up the 2nd time I've never set foot inside
    the front doors again.
  14. Easy go to Brighton Kawasaki for great service,, and PS for BS, nothing but a bunch of w#$%@rs IMO
  15. According to a thread on the MRA forum, Peter Stevens aren't interested in servicing bikes built before 2000..... :shock:
  16. Domino theory...

    And now Moto Yamaha in FTGully is being taken over by the evil empire!!!

    I must say though, when I was shopping around for a new GSXR (which didn't end up happening, but anyway...) PS in the city were shocking - absolutely useless. I couldn't get a salesperson's attention for half an hour, and when I did i was told that not only did they not have any of the new GSXR600 on the floor or available for immediate delivery, but they didn't even have a demo bike. Not that one was coming soon, just that test rides were not a possibility.

    Did a bit of a ring around and got onto PS in Ringwood, and was told that they had 2 in the shop, and that I could come and take one around the block if I was seriouse about buying. I went out and had a chat, and was offered a good deal, nice chat and actually seemed interested in my business, where the city guys were obviously not.

    Anyhoo, here's hoping that the other 'suburban' dealers can maintain there 'suburban' values regardless of which dark and menacing corporate giant controls them...