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'13 STR ordered, last minute queries

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Morgoth, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Hi, I have a black '13 Street Triple R ABS arrived at the dealer ($15,200 for ABS, rideaway)

    (I posted on 675 forums for those who think this is familiar)

    I also arranged a bunch of extras through them, which will look after me on price.

    So far I have them fitting genuine accessories:
    Arrow pipe/tune
    Alarm system
    Bar end Mirrors
    Heated grips
    Frame sliders
    Engine covers
    Shorty levers
    LED blinkers
    Paint protection kit for tank

    Non genuine addons:
    Radguard by Radguard :p
    Tail Tidy by Mustard Bikes

    These will all be fitted ready to go.

    What do people think of:
    fork protectors
    tank pads
    anything else????
    My budget is running thin-ish by this point hah

    Also what's the consensus here on the run-in period, I'm interested to see the views people have on it.


    P.S I pick it up in October
  2. First off congratulations and have fun on the Triumph! :happy:

    Isn't the downside of frame sliders is that there is a chance the bike may flip onto the tank instead of just grinding down the frame sliders? And then you are looking at a respray. I could be wrong, but it's what I have read. :unsure:

    And as for the run in I have always been told for the first 1K-1.5K km's you don't exceed 4-5K revs, but I have never had to run in a new bike, so don't quote me on that!
  3. Fork protector is cheap investment. Go for it.

    I always use techspec on daytona as well as my little 250. Helps a lot.
    May not be noticeable on street triple. So see if you're sliding much on the tank them buy them if you do.

    I also put the carbon tank protectors, that fit on the edge of the wing of the tank. If you drop it it's easy to scratch the tank there which costs a fortune. I can give you a link where I bought them from.

    Firstly take off and ignore that sticker on the tank with RPMs and milage (if you have one). That's utter bullshit.
    Follow the manual for the run-in - it is quite reasonable.
    DO NOT baby the engine!!!

    And yeah, good luck and enjoy it.
    Waiting game will be a bit painful LOL
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    I have been researching alot of Triumph stuff so Ill share my thoughts as I am considering the Daytona but looked at the Street Triple.

    Get the quick-shifter, trust me you want it :p there is also a tyre pressure monitoring system if it interests you at all.

    Would not waste your time on the factory sliders as most say they offer little protection. Get the GB Racing protection bundle and maybe see what other sliders are available?

    Go here: http://www.triumph675.net/forum/showthread.php?t=82825

    If your happy with the Arrow go for it I guess but it is dam expensive and there are other options out there from Austin Racing and Competition Werkes already that look sexy. I know the dealer tries to sell you on it having a custom map etc but most guys on the forums get the map loaded for other slipons anyway.

    http://www.austinracing.info/mall/productpage.cfm/AustinRacing/_TRIUMP003/484353/TRIUMPH 675 STREET TRIPLE GP2R


    Forget about the paint protection, unless its a clear film of course. Most of the time its just a wax sealant over the paint which costs the earth and you can do it yourself just as easily and spend the money on having your own detailing gear.

    Good price though, when I priced the STR ABS with quickshifter and TPMS it was already at 16.5k which is why I looked at the Daytona.

    congrats! I'm very close to buying aswell hehehe
  5. I'm more worried for some twat knocking my bike over, rather than crashing the bike, in relation to the sliders.

    Hmm, Dima I will check that link out, also that info on run in makes sense, seems like how I ran in an engine built for my car.

    AOK, I have already got all the stuff at the dealer, I'm fairly committed, haha, I guess if I end up not liking the Arrow, I can sell it and grab something else.

    At the time I ordered it, nothing aftermarket really stuck out to me to tick all the boxes, just little niggles that the arrow doesn't have.

    The paint protection is like a film, to help vs stonechips and scratching etc.

    Are the Triumps engine covers that bad?

    The Quickshifter looks like boatloads of fun, but that may come later ^

    BTW I might add that I'm super crazy excited, just incase I hadn't relayed that =O
  6. Nothing wrong the with the engine casings its just the GB racing kit will just protect them from damage in the event you go down, the sliders alone wont and for $250ish why not :)

    Im sure you will like the Arrow, bit too factory looking for my tastes but it does the job :) aparently the baffle is a pain in the ass to get out though so maybe get the dealer to remove it for you to start with.

    Im sure you are excited, the STR was a fantastic test ride for me. Riding the Daytona after spoiled me though lol.

    Did you get matt graphite or white?
  7. I got frame sliders and engine covers, do GB racing cover anything additional??

    Yes the look of the arrow isn't as quirky as I like, we all want 675 Brutale pipes, maybe one day =]

    I got the Black model
  8. Oh na don't worry then didn't see you got factory covers. The GB racing stuff covers the same area.
  9. Triumph engine covers are fine, don't worry.
    I personally think that 2013 Daytona and STR have one of the best tones of the stock exhaust.
    So I specifically wanted it stock.
    Just assuring you so you don't have regrets :)

    Frame sliders, yeah. I have them but not much confidence if I'll drop it. GB racing would be better for Daytona. But STR is naked anyway, so as long as you have engine covers it may do the job.
  10. I'm pretty partial to the Arrow exhaust with baffle out, after watching Ytoob vids, it's the closest I've heard to the real deal
  11. Not sure if you rode the Street Triple but I found it very quiet compared to the Daytona because it has the bypass flapper. STR definately needs the exhaust :)
  12. You got all those accessories for 15.2k? Wow. I feel sad now.

    Make sure they do the abs recall stuff before they give you the bike!

    I'm not a big fan of the arrow, am hoping for a akropovic to come out, otherwise I might just get the sc projects, IMO none of the st3 exhausts has impressed me in terms of looks thus far.
  13. God no, $15,200 was for the bike (14,800 if it weren't abs)
  14. Oh. That makes more sense now, I just thought the st3 dropped in price to accommodate the entry of the my09 or something.

    If that's the case, keep in mind ordering parts from the UK. The dealer 'looking after me' could only do 20% parts, but you can get them from jacklilley for much cheaper, especially if you order heaps to save on shipping.
  15. Congrats, nice bike and loaded for bear by the looks. My experience with engines of all types over the years has taught me 2 main things with running in. Variation, dont sit on a constant rpm or speed, up and down is best and dont be too reserved with the rpm. Not suggesting hitting the rev limiter or valve bouncing but those pistons need to get a look at the top of the cylinder occasionally and generally follow the manufacturers guidelines. Enjoy.
  16. Best way to bed in I think is find a nice twisty uphill run and work the bike up and down through the gears while loading the engine
  17. If you are fitting the OEM Triumph alarm I think it is going to annoy you. It automatically arms when you turn the bike off and makes a chirping noise as it arms up. Not sure if it can be configured for a manual arm, but that would be better. Just stopping to fill up with petrol will set off the chirping noise. It really sounds like it is about to go off every time it arms.
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    Thanks for the advice, the day I'm on it is 28th of October ^^ the wait is horrid!

    I'll see how the alarm goes, if it's too much drama I'll remove it.

    I know I could have had the accessories cheaper elsewhere, but I'm pushing hard for them to scratch my back in various ways don't worry, the guy I'm dealing with is a real stand-up guy.

    From one phone call, no visits, they ordered the bike in from the next shipment, ordered like $3000 in addons without seeing me in person, or asking for any kind of deposit.
  19. She's here, so gorgeous!

    I'll have pictures soon, I've done about 40Km, just to work and back, so nice!

    still working out how much I'll push the engine in the first 1000km...

    Also, I want to remove the pillion pegs...
  20. Nice mate, congrats. Don't take it too easy. Go by the running in instructions in the user manual rather than the sticker on the tank. You and the bike will be much happier that way. Also don't forget to torque up the engine cover bolts and tighten the radiator hose clamps.