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13 Reasons It's Unlucky To Be Male

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mendosi, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. http://www.avoiceformen.com/men/13-reasons-its-unlucky-to-be-male/

  2. Not sure about the veracity of all the stats referenced, but I'm in agreement that men's issues don't receive much attention.
  3. I always find these lists interesting as I agree with some points, but others I really do not.

    I also find it interesting that the media's stereotyping of white middle class males as stupid over the last 30 years, so we do not offend any minorities, is left out. When was the last time you saw an advertisement aimed at women that had a strong, intelligent and caring male in it?
  4. Heard an ad on wsfm recently (twice) with the tag line of "if you want something done properly, get a woman to do it". I wonder how long it would take the feminist muskrats to get over their collective apoplexy if it said man instead.
  5. Ever heard the expression "Have a real look, not a man look"?

    Now I'm not into anti feminism, but I do think that we no longer provide positive role models for young boys. About the best I can think of are the guys on Big Bang theory, and even then they are nerdy and dysfunctional.
  6. It's not only men that are dysfunctional though, we just need to stop looking toards stereotypes created in television and movies to provide a rolemodel. It's up to us all.
  7. Which explains why I have 20 young boys following me when I go on yard duty at school. However, the stereotypes stick in the boys minds as they mature. Yes, as a teacher I see it every day. Why work hard when you can become a tradie? Go on the mines and earn big dollars. Who go pissed the most on the weekend? And so on...
  8. Mehhhhh being too PC is tiring, now I just offend everyone equally :)……..you right though, I cant remember seeing any ads with a strong, intelligent (and independent) caring male. Males are often portrayed as like the Supercheap dad.

    Even the RTA small finger wiggle derogates males………………………imagine the uproar if a ad poked fun at a female anatomy (that is sensitive to females).

    Schools is where boys is disadvantaged the most……………..most of our educational curriculum is aimed at certain styles of learning, styles that girls normally excel at. Trades and hands on learning doesn’t happen much at school and uni, this is a major disadvantage to boys……………………its also why many are discouraged to finish high school/ do uni, instead opting for a trades profession.
  9. Most definitely. Hopefully this will change for the better, I know one or two (private) schools who are just making inroads for implementing alternative learning programs but there is still enormous lack in DT subjects - which is going to get bigger with the phasing out of DT in schools - and a major predisposition against usual style of male learning.
  10. What is DT?
  11. Design & Technology.
  12. And those that don't usually just get complained about. I remember someone high up at the Uni I used to work for complaining about the fact there was an overabundance of males in Engineering. The fact women outnumbered men in every other single course at that same University wasn't seen to be relevant - they still wanted more women in Engineering too. :rolleyes:

    Sometimes "reverse discrimination" goes too far. I actually knew a girl in high school who refused to accept a Science award when she found out the only reason she was getting it was the fact she was the only female in the school doing physics and chemistry. Meanwhile males in the same classes got nothing, even though they were getting far better grades (she was only in those classes because her dad was a physics/chem teacher).

    It almost seems to have become some sort of social taboo for a white male to actually take any pride in what they do. Instead the social norm seems to be to never actually try to achieve anything, but instead just do the bare minimum during the week and get blind drunk on the weekends (which is what Uni is for).
  13. But until women refuse to have children, workplace equality will never be reached. And when it finally is reached, there is only 30 useful years left.

  14. My moto has been do the bare minimum for the greatest return..................stuff those other asians studying hard :p.