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12v Outlet Ciggarette Plug Mod

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by scoobysanx, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know where i can get a kit to install the ciggarette lighter 12v outlet on my bike?

    I found a few on ebay USA but i'd prefer to buy from here (Australia) if possible
  2. Jaycar is where I got mine. 5 minute install.
  3. Cheers mate I'll try Jaycar.

    Where abouts did you mount the outlet? and how?
  4. It's on the across so its in the boot :D

    I just squeezed the wires into a connector thing that was always live. Specifically for the across it was the connection between the boot light and the battery, so the socket was always live which is how I wanted it. Sorry its not really applicable to you.
  5. This is kinda how to do it with http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=PS2015&keywords=12v+socket&form=KEYWORD

    Now, when wiring it up, I connected it to the block which is always live, with the black wire going to a mutual ground on the bike. HOWEVER, ensure you connect an inline fuse as well! This will protect you against short circuits etc. I simply got: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=SZ2016&keywords=inline+fuse&form=KEYWORD

    Install the fuse as close where the 12V wire is connected to the bike as is practical.

    If you don't want it on all the time, some people have done as much as installed a relay, so it is only on when the bike is on. I use my 12V socket to charge the bike, so chose not to do this.
  6. Now I may be a bit thick and misreading this but....

    You connected a 12v to the bike (read battery) and use it to charge the bike (read battery)..

    Isn't this a perpetual motion concept ?

    I must have missed something... :)
  7. If you put a charger onto the socket, the charge still ends up at the positive and negative terminal of the battery. Because its adding power to the circuit and not taking power we have a net power gain.
  8. Charge it via an adapter from the powerpoint ;)
  9. I patched mine into the lighting loom, it's already fused and is only active when the bike is on.
  10. I did the same with mine. I bought mine from my local bike shop as it came moulded ready to mount onto handlebars and was able to test it's weatherproofness (not intentional) on sunday.
  11. Use the powerlet connectors if you can, they work much better than cigarette lighter sockets - www.bluerim.com.au
  12. +1 to Miraz, the Powerlet sockets are more waterresistanterer and don't vibrate loose. :)

    Only catch is that your devices must then be fitted with powerlet plugs of their own, though there are powerlet -> cigarette adaptor leads and whatnot.
  13. Couple of reasons I recommend against this. If something shorts on the 12V socket, you lose your lights (and occasionally other things are linked into that circuit).

    Secondly, if you decide to use the 12V socket for anything highish current, you can fry the wiring through too much current. Most charging won't but if you or someone else uses a small fridge on that circuit for example, could cause future issues.

    Not to say that coming off an existing circuit is a bad idea, but I wouldn't be choosing lighting, that is for sure. I preferred to avoid it altogether and go a whole new line - if something goes wrong, it doesn't affect anything on the bike.
  14. they ended up selling one at MCAS (sydney).

    $40, bit expensive but meh.

    its got the mount to connect to handlebars but since i ride a sportsbike (cbr929rr) the handlebars are too fat lol.

    i might just connect it up and have it under the seat.

    it also came with a fuse... i dont know how to connect the fuse up. im guessing i have to chop the wire to connect up the fuse. it all seems like too much work...... let alone patching it up to the headlights
  15. it didn't come with instructions but if its like the battery charger i just connect it to the battery isn't it? its got two rings like negative and positive
  16. I always hook in to the horn live(+) wire.

    Switched and fused and if you blow the circuit you only lose your horn.
  17. Excellent idea
  18. Installed one just the other day in prep for a camping trip.

    Jaycar weather resistant socket and a weather proof fuse holder with 10A fuse. Soldered them up (with heatshrink, important!) and directly attached it to the battery. I think I'll add a switch and light later on.

  19. These are also called Merit sockets at Jaycar, or Hella sometimes on ebay I think.

    Got one recently, less than $10 at jaycar, $30 odd from Triumph, same thing.
  20. They are called all sorts of things because nobody wants to label them as being originally developed by the German army during WWII :) I think officially they have an SAE standards number.

    This is the setup that I've used on my bike - a little relay switched fused electrical distribution block under the seat that I can use to run accessory power for anything that I might add later - intercom, GPS, laser parking assist ;-), etc...