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1299 Panigale impromptu photoshoot

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by _wheel_, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Yesterday I took my father in law on a trip out to the old Halfway Roadhouse on the Putty Road.
    Our family has a bit of history there as he ran it with his parents and my mother in law in 1982 and this was his first trip back since they left in 1983.

    As we were looking around the site, a rider and his brand new 1299 pulled in out of the sun for a rest.

    During the conversation, he mentioned he was going to post a few iphone pics to instagram.

    As I was already taking photos of the roadhouse site, and had the SLR handy, I offered to take a few photos and email them back to him.

    He accepted, and these are the results.

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  2. I used to fill up both the bike and myself at the old Garland Valley Roadhouse back in the seventies....
  3. Very cool. Bike and pics, nice one.
  4. His name wasn't Russell by any chance?
  5. Nope. Wasn't Russell.
  6. Yep the old man has many stories about bikes coming through.

    He was an army mechanic before going to the roadhouse. Many a bike fixed & bellies filled while he was there.

    It's sad to see it just a burnt husk now.
  7. What a sweet looking machine!