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125cc TGB Transcoot Delivery Scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Turnip, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. My boss is planning on getting me a 125cc TGB Transcoot to use for visiting clients around the city, but also sometimes in the outer suburbs. Has anyone ridden one of these? I'm interested to know how it handles, especially on the freeway. I'm told they'll hit 100km/h, but it's probably pushing it. I'd be ok with something that can't quite cruise at 100, as long as it still handles ok at it's top speed.

    Unfortunately the dealer didn't have any 125cc's in stock (only the 50cc), and we're planning on ordering it so that we'll have it just before I get my bike license, so I won't have a chance to test ride it. I've sat on the 50cc and felt very comfortable.
  2. I've ridden the 50cc - I formerly worked in the scooter trade and one employer had a couple for his other business. The 50cc is pretty gutless, but is very practical with its whopping boot, and they are quite comfy to ride and handle OK so long as you don't carry bags of cement or whatever in the boot. Needless to say, I never hit a freeway on the 50cc, but I imagine they should handle fine cruising the freeways. The 125cc ought be pretty good as a runabout, as the extra 'grunt' from the bigger motor would definately help. At a guess 100km/h would be absolutely top speed downhill with a tailwind from the 125cc. Not really in its design brief I should think.
  3. Hi, I have one of those 50cc models and could not be more happier ( I leave the Ute under the unit gathering dust).The side foot pegs do give you that extra stability then having your feet on the board.Mine does the 60kph easily at around the 6800rpm.The thing you may need to watch is windy days etc., as that box on the back does not break the wind very well LOL.