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125cc Scooter recommendations?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. My gf has been riding pillion on my cbr900 for about 6 months and as I suspected is now addicted. She wants a bike but I've convinced her to start out on a scoot to get used to the balance etc. The main issue is that shes a short ass (about 5.1) so she has trouble touching the ground on bikes (shes sat on alot of bikes). She views scooters as nerdy/poofy probably due to my influence (not trying to offend any1 on here). So I want to make sure whatever we get isn't too gutless otherwise I reckon she'll lose interest.

    I've been trying to find out a bit about them and I reckon a 125 sounds like the way to go.. She needs to be able to go down an 80kph zone on the way to work.

    I think we'll be buying secondhand because I reckon she'll be upgrading after a year or so.

    Any recommendations? Also how many kms do you typically get out of a 4 stroke 125 scooter? Are parts obtainable for the 'no name' scooters? or should I be sticking to honda/yamaha etc? I'll be servicing it myself.

    I've seen a scooter called a honda @125 which looks pretty good, does anything have any experience with them?

  2. My GF has a bolwell vs125 which i hear they have/soon available as a 150cc.. or theres the honda HC150i

    All of our riding is mostly 80km stuff and it has no trouble taking on the larger hills around here at that speed. I like it but if your concern is all about speed/acceleration then I would not bother.. expecting something like this to give you the same experience as a pillion on a 900cc will be nothing but a let down.

    the cb400 Seat Height (mm) 770 while the @120 is 800....
    so smaller engine doesn't always mean lower height, in fact the cbr125 is taller then the cb400 too but the price of that bike is expensive.

    still, all in all the vs125 is a great bike and if she's keen to go down that road you should test ride one too. After all if you disrespect scooter owners all the time how do you think she'll feel about becoming a owner of one (unless you find one that you find fun too).
  3. Thanks for the info mate. With the speed side of things we're not looking for something that's "fast" but something that will keep up in regular traffic (ie comparable to a regular econobox 4cyl car). I imagine on a 50cc you'd be practically holding up traffic on a main road? I think that's what will frustrate her. I remember borrowing a bike (clapped out suzuki GN250 ahah) on my Ls and it literally held up the traffic and couldn't break 80, you don't feel good about yourself when people pull out and overtake u and give you a filthy look.

    You bet i'll take it for a ride and i'll probably have a smile on my face when i get off the thing too. I'd never turn down a test drive/ride of anything!

    I'll look into the vs125 too

  4. Don't even *think* about 50cc - they really are too gutless for 80km zones. And since you're in NSW, there is absolutely no advantage to them because you need a licence anyway.

    125cc should be fine though. There are also some 150cc available at very similar prices, for example check out www.manhattanscooters.com.au

    For more classy/sporty look, there's Aprilia Sportcity 125cc - your gf might be impressed by the fact it's an Aprilia. It isn't cheap though!

    SYM Orbit or VS125 are more realistic options - good scoots at reasonable prices, decent availability in Sydney. Apparently Daelim makes really good scoots at the premium end of the scale, but they are really hard to come by in Sydney.

    And I agree with the previous poster, if your gf is short she might be suprised by how high the scooters can actually be - and their seats tend to be rather wide which makes them even worse in that regard.
  5. I'm 85kg and generally get off the mark quicker then traffic, I run down the bypass and hold 80kmph fine and can wind on to 90-95 without much trouble.. obviously with the hills I take a bit of a run up to keep the rev's up but like any other 125cc if you dont take enough speed into the hill you can easily struggle to gain ground.

    My best memory was tailing a r6 or r1 (i can't remember) he was desprate to show off the power of his bike but because of traffic, lights and stop signs there was never a point he could gain the ground to lose me. It was then I saw the usefullness of small engine bikes that do $8 to 240km lol

  6. Thanks for the info guys. Wow 3L per 100kms is awesome!

    The seat height stuff is a worry.. I'll take her to some shops and get her to sit on a few and see how it feels. Maybe some boots will help too. On my cbr with sneakers on i can only tippy toe it, but with my boots its much better. I've been hassling her to get some for when she rides on the back of the cbr for safety (we go thru the twistes regularly).
  7. I can vouch for the VS125. It's my first 2 wheeler and so far it's served me well on my daily commute to Pyrmont from the northern beaches. It handles the 80km zones well and I've managed to get her to 100kms on occasion...and I don't feel like a speed bump for Mosman tractors.

    Being vertically challenged at 5'3" and 56kg I was also worried about seat height. The VS125's seat is a little on the higher side but I can put my feet down at the lights..with riding boots on. I've now done 6,000km on it and my daily distance total is around 50km...my fuel economy is around 30-35km/l so I'm pretty happy with it given I commute in peak hour traffic. However, I did find the VS125 a little heavy to push around...it's dry weight is 132kg....but I think it was also the fact that I had never ridden scooters before so didn't know what to expect.

    I also test rode as many scooters as I could. The others that she might be interested in (in addition to the others recommended): BUG Agility 125, Yamaha Cygnus 125, Piaggio Fly (125cc). My choice came down to the BUG, VS and the Fly....and the VS won. The underseat storage size is the biggest I've seen so that was a plus for me.

    If you want more info, send me a PM.

    Good luck.
  8. Try a Madass 125 :grin:
  9. go to HART at st Ives and tell her to do her L's test there, and they have @125's so if she likes it buy one, you can also do the post learner for $150 and tell them you want to use their @125, you get a bit more of a ride on the post learner around their course and out on the open road, its a test ride and she might learn to pass the p test at the same time
  10. How about a CBR 125?

    3litres / 100km,
    Small, Agile, EFI,
    tacho, speedo, temp, fuel Gauges.

    Not so sure about the height, but a little seat shaping and ensuring she wears boots with a heel should her straight...
  11. I had a loan of a Bolwell 150 for the VACC scooter rally last year (on again this Saturday - leaves St Kilda (Luna Park) at 10. It carried my 90kg and may daughter's somewhat fewer kilograms very happily and easily kept up. Solo it really flew and was faster than most cars up to about 70km/hr. It would be a really good choice. (The year before I had a Hyosung 50cc which was much better than I expected - although my expectations weren't all that high)

    I've not got a scooter this year as I'll be helping with the marshalling and doing some corner marking to make sure that the usual bunches of bubbleheads who can't read a map don't get lost.

    No matter what they ride, there seems to be a consistent percentage of powered two wheeler riders who are intrinsically directionally challenged. :LOL: :p :LOL:
  12. Yeh I've thought about that. I used to have an NSR150 that I offered to give her but at the time she didn't want it so I sold it.

    She wants to start out on something auto so she can focus on the riding. She does drive a manual car though.

    The plan is for her to get her Ls then we'll get a cheap second hand scooter (sub $2,000) and see how she likes it. If she loves it then we'll save up and get a nicer scooter or wait till she's off her Ps and get a bike.

    The good thing is that she's learnt alot about the road from being on the back of my bike (ie where to sit in relation to other cars, perceiving hazards, general dos and donts).

    PS: She's booked in for her test its in mid November.

  13. I meant Sunday... :oops:
  14. if she wants a bike why not let her get one?

    a CB250 is nice & little & perfect for a short arse!
  15. I have a Piaggio Fly 125cc. I am 170cm; I slightly lean on one side and put one foot properly or both feet (just tippi-toes) on the road at the lights, work fine with Piaggio Fly as it is not very heavy.

    I travel from Leichhardt to Crowsnest everyday. No problems at all at riding at 80km/h. I can fit my full-face helmet under the seat. 8500km so far and didn't have any problems.

    I recommend Piaggio Fly, VS125 also sounds like a good option.
  16. go the Vmoto Monaco

    they are getting cheap now..

    good 125cc engine. i test rode one and goes very nice..
  17. +1 on the Piaggio Fly. Since they have a proper oil filter they go 5000km between services, instead of the more common 2500km for screen filter engines. Saves time and money, plus they go very nicely.

    The Bug (actually a Kymco) Agility is a little toughie, but the shorter service intervals would put me off enough to find a few more bucks for the Piaggio.
  18. Hi guys, thanks for all the info. We went to a few shops and she sat on a bunch of scooters and bikes and she fell in love with the cbr125 because its got a low enough seat height, its light and seems less bulky than a scooter in alot of ways. She passed her Ls for manual so I bought her one yesterday (she hasnt seen it yet).

    It's a good little machine! It doesn't perform aswell as my old NSR150, but in every other aspect its better. It suprised me in alot of ways. It still managed to haul my 100kg ass around without any trouble. The seating position is very much upright like a scooter. It goes through tight city streets like a hot knife through butter. It even does wheelies :LOL: