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125cc or 250cc scooter for me? And which one?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by danielvh, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    New to the forum. Anyway, I currently have a 50cc Vmoto Monza which I've had for a year and am looking to get something more powerful. I'm thinking of getting either a 125cc or 250cc scooter. I need your help in deciding which specific scooter to get too.

    So, basically, I'd be using the scooter mainly for urban riding; to and from uni, to the city and so on. Mostly 60km/hr roads but some 70km/hr. But occasionally I'd like to be able to ride it down to Margaret river or mandurah etc (I live in Perth). Good fuel economy would be great and I'd like it to be able to pull away from the cars a bit at traffic lights. Also, I'm a pretty big guy so would like one that has a lot of space and also won't look too geeky for a big guy to ride. Ample space for a pillion passenger would be great and storage space for two helmets (open-face) would be desirable. I'd like something that's well-made and won't require much in the way of servicing and so on.

    Price is also a factor and if possible I'd like to get one second hand (about 2-4 years old would be great). Less than $5k would be the aim but if I have to spend more then I have to spend more.

    So what do you guys think regarding the 125cc vs 250cc decision and more specifically, which scooter would you recomend (remember that it has to be available in Perth)?

    Thanks guys

  2. Hmm where to begin...

    First decision 125 vs 250 - if you are happy with 80-85 kph consistently, then a 125cc is adequate. For a guaranteed 100 kph, 200cc - 250cc is the go.

    Storage - I'd say you are talking a midi / maxi style (plus top box maybe).

    Budget $5k - newish 125 vs pre-loved 250. Time to make the first decision, then let the suggestions flow.

  3. Well, I'd like to be able to go at 100kph down the freeway so I guess a 250cc is probably more suitable.

    So suggestions people?

    There's a 2004 250cc Bug Hawk for $4200 on ebay. 8100km. What do you guys think of this?
  4. Quick license question? Am I allowed to ride a 250cc scooter on a car license like I can a 50cc? I realise I'm not meant to ride it over 60kmh.

    Reason I'm asking is because I'm going for my bike license soon but have been lazy but want to get the scooter now :p
  5. No.
  6. guess I'll get on the phone tomorrow and book my test.
  7. What about the Sachs? they look awesome ! dont know how they go though there is a 125cc 4 speed manual
  8. Not much storage area and I don't think they are very pillion friendly too. Haven't tried them but that is just looking at them.

  9. Ah yes had a look at a pamphlet i had not so good for what there after!