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125cc Cruiser anyone?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pete the freak, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. So I was just cruising the Hyosung website (the .com not the .com.au one) and found this:

    Hyosung GV125 Aquila

    They don't sell it in Aus yet, I doubt they ever will. Why would any buy a 125cc cruiser? You'd be beaten to death by Across riders if you were seen on one of these...

  2. Probably not destined for the Australian market, probably more designed as a status thing for Asian countries with capacity limits on motorcycles (in Vietnam for example maximum displacement allowed is just 175cc).
  3. A 125cc motorbike (cruiser or otherwise) isn't any sillier than a 125cc scooter.

    Personally I'd rather have real sized wheels than scooter wheels as they handle rough roads better.

    Suzuki used to sell in Australia the GS125 and Yamaha used to sell the SR125 and Honda the CB125.

    But somewhere along the track (I reckon it was around the time the 250cc learner limits were introduced) the 125 sales started to die away.

    Before L and P platers had size restrictions there wasn't any negative perception of small city bikes... it arose afterwards.

    250 good... bigger than 250 better... smaller than 250 worse sort of thinking.
  4. all show no go!
  5. Hey I got nothing against 125cc scooters or 125cc bikes in general, I was more implying that people who would normally buy a cruiser style bike would be looking for a bit more than 125cc...

    It all just seems a bit silly to me...
  6. I do wonder what sort of economy would you get out of it?? 4l/100km?? CT110 has that sort of economy...
  7. never ridden a 125cc bike but I would guess they would a far bit slower then the 250, and probably use similar fuel per tank so why bother?
  8. Yeah it would've been nice if they'd put up some actual specs on the thing...
  9. Well the only 125cc bikes I've ridden are a Suzuki GS125 and a Honda XL125 .

    Both of those would sit on 80kph but were struggling to get to 100kph. Both of them made about 14ps.

    Neither of them accelerated much if any slower than the SR250 that my sister used to have but the SR250 had a slightly higher top speed.

    But they really weren't meant for highway or freeway use and as for acceleration they would easily keep up with city traffic away from the traffic lights (short gearing meant good acceleration).

    As for fuel economy at the time I had an early CB250 a mate had that GS125 and he used to get about 20 mile per gallon better than I did on the CB250 (but I could travel on the highway at 100 and he couldn't :)

    Well as long as it was a flat road I could!
  10. It seems like they've listed the flaws of the bike, not the features!!!

  11. i see 125cc cruiser an contradiction in it self.
    Seriously how practical is it to sit at cruising speeds (100km/h+) on a 125 cc bike. A 250 is bad enough when it comes to cruising a 125 can only be worse.

    I see a 125cc and less to city bikes where the bike can zip around easily in inner city traffic. I fail to see how a cruiser style body can easily zip in and out of traffic.

    Quite easy to see that it might have a market in highly populated areas as a status symbol, but totall impractical.