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125cc, anything bad with these bikes apart from power?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by AlbieQ, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, as the title suggests I'm unsure of what my first bike should be, and seeing as none of my family or friends are motorcyclists, i figured this place is probably the best place to ask for advice.

    I've been looking around and it seems that the honda cbr125r maybe my perfect 1st bike - its cheap, seems reliable, it won't kill me, and i won't feel bad when i inevitably drop/scratch/crash it. (and sadly im extremely superficial with bikes and love anything that looks/imititates a sports bike)

    Only negative things I've been reading about the bike is that it seems to lack power and that I will probably 'get sick of it' (how can you get sick of riding a motorbike? :S). Anyway, my main use of the bike if i get it, would be pretty much just mainly inner city/suburbian riding, and if i build up enough confidence maybe riding to uni. I'm about 175 cm and weigh 75ish kgs. So my big question is (being an L plater) does someone like me, who intends to ride the motorbike around inner city/suburbs, need to worry about power (or the lack of?). I would've thought that a lack of power may even be a good thing as it'll allow me to focus on selecting right gears, scanning, buffering etc.

    Anyway, I'm completely open to any opinions you guys may have regarding this whole power thing, so feel free to post it, even if it seems useless to you. Thanks in advance.

    P.s: Being a uni student (and under 25), my budget would probably be around the 5k mark max (incl. insurance hopefully), and a cbr125r seems to fit into this category?
  2. It's a horrible thing. Buy yourself a mechanically sound 250 twin, or something, maybe A GS500, but not a 125. Too little power is dangerous, too.
  3. If you're not planning on going above 60-70kph then a 125 will suffice, but I wouldn't recommend the Honda. You're paying a fair premium for plastic bodywork which serves no real purpose below 80kph, the Kymco CK125 is far cheaper and being Taiwanese should be at least as good as a Thai Honda as far as quality/reliability.
  4. the resale value is very low
  5. theyre a tarted up scooter mate. Get yourself a decent ZZR250 or similar at least. 9HP are you kidding me?
  6. Get a second hand real bike. As mentioned above.
  7. One thing to keep in mind, if splitting lanes/weaving between cars and moving up to the front of the pack at intersections. One important thing to be aware of is generally you'd zoom ahead of the traffic once lights turn green to get in front of vehicles. This bike will struggle to get that initial distance between you and the vehicles you moved in front of. (talking from experience).

    We own a CBR125R (wifes bike - she's petite), lets just say after 1.5 months of ownership she wants to upgrade. This is after we told her originally to avoid 125cc bikes, she insisted because she was new to riding and the bike was perfect weight and handling wise for her, plus it is a bike she learned on and got Ls on so she was confident and comfortable on it. Well her opinions changed now and she wants a 250 as a minimum. (She rode my Ninja 250cc and loved it).
  8. another netrider who ,,inevitably will crash.,,,,your words not mine....you will fit right in here...i call it as i see it
  9. a 125 can still easily kill you, no matter what bike you buy just be careful.
  10. it isnt inevitable that you will drop,crash or scratch it.

    I would avoid a 125. At 75kg you will be frustrated at the lack of power after a month regardless of whether you only ride in the city.

    For 5k you can get a truck load of good 250s, or you could also get a GS500F like TheYak suggested which has the sportbike look and more than enough power to keep you happy for a while.
  11. 125 is OK for a city commuter. I have a little 100cc scooter I ride around town with no problems (I'm 85kg). I have a real bike for serious riding and the scooter is cheap to run.
  12. Ignore tiprat he has "been riding 30 years and knows everything". If you attempt to do something he doesn't know about, apparently that makes you a wanker who is going to crash, rather then a rider learning to push your limits or learn some useful skills. I calls...,,,it a..as I,,, seeds it two,,,,,

    250 twin minimum.
    If you like bikes for the right reasons you wont be happy on a 125.
    If you are just using it as a tool to get around, a 125 would be ok in city, but a 250 will still be more practical and have the power to carry at least a little luggage.

  13. .... I say go with a 250 as well. My 1st bike was a 250 and in all seriousness, I was hanging out for something more powerful within about 6 to 8 months.

    But the 250 was a brilliant learners and P plate bike.
  14. I have a Sachs 150cc Express and it's tiny [like me!] and I can get it up to 100klm but that's because I weigh less than 50kg. It's really built for communting and since it's 11klms between work and home where I normally ride it, it suits me fine.

    In the next couple of months though, I'm going to get something bigger, as the Sachs I only bought to bang about and learn on. So... get something bigger.

    I really want a Gladius, but I'm too small to ride one.
  15. I just sold my Sachs Madass 125 and I am 100kg. It was my around town bike.

    It could beat traffic off the lights easily. Splitting traffic it is one of the fastest bikes that I have ridden mainly because it is so small and manouverable, I often come up on bigger bikes stuck in traffic where I could get past.

    If you just want to bumble around in the city a 125 is good.

    Having said that the CBR125 is overpriced. The new Yamaha R150 coming in a $4K hopefully will make honda realise that.
  16. Double post
  17. LOL I saw the Madass at a dealership the other day and had a giggle and shook my head. They look like so much fun!
  18. Yep i cant wait to upgrade Tweets, not long now :D 3 months. Gone quick!
    Probably going to be moving house at the time to QLD though so might be delayed a little :p. Going to upgrade my licence to fulls before i change it over to qld though :p dont need dramas with it.
    I love how forgiving the 250 has been as a learner bike, but i am definitely ready to get a bit more power for throttle control in cornering and at highway cruising speeds.
  19. ..those last few months are certainly the worst!!... waiting...waiting!!....:-({|=....

    Betcha get a ZZR600!! (Awsome bike!)... (y).. I love the ZZR's for some reason.. and the 600 suits me fine. I thought the world of my little 250, but she did sound a bit like the lawn mower! (no disrespect to her!)...and yes, they are VERY forgiving (I can say that in hindsight!).
  20. In terms of riding around town the 125 isn't a problem. Will sit on 80 fine except for steep hills.

    I have a 125cc scoot as a commuter and its perfect for that. But I wouldn't recommend a 125cc for a first bike purely because it limits you. As many other cbr125r owners have found, if you gain an interest in riding out of the city on nice country roads, maybe with a group etc, the bike is really not fit for that purpose imo.

    You may just want something suitable for your wants and needs now but it often isn't long before you want to venture out onto more interesting roads, and a 125 will restrict your ability to do that comfortably.

    I recommend a 250, gpx, zzr, vtr, whatever - can all be found in good condition with low kms for ~4k.