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125 2 stroke or 250 4 stroke?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by GAB125, May 27, 2006.

  1. I've been riding around for a bit now and have a few mates with NSR 150s and CBR 250s, but was curious about other riders feelings when it came to smaller 2 stroke (125cc) vs the bigger 4 strokes (250cc).

  2. welcome to the forum mate.. that's a topic that's been asked 73 billion times so have a good search and you'll get some clues.

    personally i am lazy, and 4 stroke is the lazy mans option (don't have to add oil, don't have to working about engine seizing cause it's cold.)
  3. I personally would stay away from a NSR150 from a performance perspective (below decent commuter). The other 2 strokers I would say go for it if you have/want to learn some sort of basic motorbike knowledge. I think they are more fun, a bit more power and can learn a fair bit from them.

    If you are lazy and just want to ride day in and day out without thinking of too much maintenance, go the 4stroke.
  4. Get a 250 2 stroke!
  5. Skip 'em.

    The 125 strokers are race bikes made for a 125cc class. If you want something that goes fast and can be ridden on restrictions/LAMS, go for a cbr250rr or a zxr250.

    With the 125 strokers, as a learner/restricted rider, you get all the bad parts of having a stroker (high revs, maintenance) and none of the good parts (speed).
  6. High Revving and slow???? They redline about 3/5's of what a ZXR or CBR and are only sit on ~6500rpm@100km/h. In comparison to a ZXR or CBR (~ 18000-20000) they are very low revving, in fact i think the redline is less then that of my ZZR ( ~14 000) so they are hardly high revving.

    As for top speed they will do an indicated 190km/h. How is that slow??
  7. first, even with a four-cylinder four-stroke the bike is usable outside the power band. With a stroker you need to be in the power band all the time just to pull away at a half-decent clip. So while a ZXR250 (for example) will rev to 19k, you don't need to rev it anywhere near that high just to pull away from the lights.

    second point I'll concede. I always thought they had a much lower top speed than that.

    Still, I don't see why you'd want one. A 250-4 is just as fast and doesn't have all the bad stuff that goes with strokers.
  8. They may indicate a top of 190 but I seriously doubt they're anywhere near that. World record for a stock 125cc is only 170kph (set last year on a Cagiva).
  9. Ive got a 250 two stroke. since the carbies have been tuned, i havent had a problem in the world with the bike. The redline is 11500. Useable power is from 5500. It idles at 3000. A bit of clutch when taking off and your in the power band and if you keep it pinned when you shift your right back in powerband. Id give most 250's a good run for thier money.