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12000km service on Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lynda, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm getting close to reaching my 12000km service for my Ninja and I'm trying to find out places to service it. I'm not experienced enough to do the service myself as it needs valve replacement and such. Thinking I'll do the next service myself, but for this one, I would like to take it to professionals. Based in Sydney so I've gotten a few quotes:

    Action - $350
    Bikebiz - $450
    Kawasaki Penrith - $550

    I find it all quite expensive so I'm wondering whether these prices are actually standard/average prices for most places to do this service. I'm also wondering whether anyone can advise me to any other places that is cheaper, or better.. Etc.

  2. hey lynda -

    in my experience, avoid action like the plague. not the most professional bunch. i got my bikes back with missing screws, bent plastics, wrongly assembled brake pad anti-chatter plates...

    try lloyd penn in artarmon, or close motorcycles in redfern.. they're good n honest, and shouldn't charge you more than what's fair. mobile motorcycle mechanic mark walker (google him up) is good too, albeit a tad pricey; but you get to watch him work and probably learn a thing or 2.

    the prices you will find can vary wildly.. but for just a 12000km? shouldnt be more than $450...

    all the best :]
  3. Find your local one or two man operated motorcycle mechanic and get them to do the service, shouldn't cost more than $250. Support them and you'll build a fruitful relationship.
  4. Do not put your vehicle for service at any local garage but put it at dealership from where you have purchase.So their due to owning vehicle of company each and every part you would get if needed when put in service and service will be done nice as trained mechanic their.
  5. Cool story bro. Finishing sentences and grammar may help people believe you. Plus, any licensed mechanic is allowed to do the service and not void warranty.

    Lynda, I forget where you are, southern Sydney yeah? Provide your location and people may be able to recommend local places. Eg I live in Warrawee and would recommend Love motorcycles if on the upper nth shore.
  6. I think French is this persons first language so maybe a little latitude on the technicalities of the written world.

  7. Fair call. My apologies henryb.
  8. I think I remember paying about the $500 mark when I had mine..

    +1 for finding a smaller shop, the personalised service will surprise. In Melbourne I use Mototecnic, they really go the extra mile. Sorry dont know anyone in Sydney..
  9. Mine was less than $300 but I got it done in Melbourne
  10. I'm in the Sydney Metro. Around Liverpool. It seems that Melbourne has a lot of good places for motorcyclists. Haha. I didn't really look around Sydney too much. Gave up and had the service done at home. Turned out great, besides hitting a few minor difficulties and long hours. Thanks for the tips though. I'll be keeping it in mind for the next important service.