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12000k service just cost me $750!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Menion, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Well.. I did have to buy a new tyre and brake pads, so i guess its not so bad, but man did it hurt.
    I also had to replace the drive shaft on the toyota this week, so now im really poor. The bike does feel great though, ill go easy for a while on the new tyre, but it seems to have more power??? dont know what they did, i know nothing about mechanicals, all i know is that i put petrol in, a spark ignites the petrol, which in turn pushes the pistons which hit the sparkplug and it all starts again. what price do you all pay for service?? Mayb i should learn how to do it myself, im just worried id mess it up, i dont want to kill her. :oops:

  2. Well really your service cost was maybe $450 in parts with about $300 in labour so it's probably not that bad...I used to do all servicing myself but my new bike will be done by a very trusted private mechanic.

  3. :eek: :eek: guys , i read everyday the forum , and everyday i'll wanna come more in australia to open my factory motorbike garage....
  4. As long as you come to Melbourne, and give us all a discount :grin:
  5. An Italian on a Kwaka? I'm suspicious already :LOL:
  6. Fortunately, the pistons don't hit the sparkplugs or you would have a major blowup.


    Trevor G
  7. you burnt through a set of pads in 12,000kms, slow down :LOL:

    that price is very reasonable as a rear tyre alone would have cost you around about $300

    get a V-TEC VFR800 with a major service quoted at $880

    paid $870 with a new tyre and a cam chain tensioner for the 48,000 service on my VTR, thats with me removing the fairings before taking the bike in
  8. I know how you feel, and my precious baby is my only transport, and I have no real aptitude for mechanics myself, but student-poverty forced me into buying a manual, a couple of generic books on mc mechanics, and I tell you: it not only saves you money, it becomes half the mc experience itself! I do all my own work now aside from opening up the engine (get me a second engine to work on, and I'll be doing that soon), and can do my own and friends' major services (based on hard experience I'll leave tyre-changing to the machines!). Once you get your head around the theory, most stuff is simple and safe (if you are careful), the biggest rule being read the books...and be really patient! I don't understand why people would miss out on this aspect of riding, if they have the chance.

  9. Am due for that shortly too ....... hope I'm not up for the same $$ :cry:
  10. Don’t panic Black Betty,
    I just paid for the 24,000k service on the better half’s sv650. With a rear Pilot Road 2 fitted at the same time it cost $540.
  11. y'all need to have a fully functioning workshop with 2 mechanics (one a bike enthusiast, also bike mechanic prior to diseasel) at your place of employment. :p :p
    i do the lil' ones at my expense, and the majors are done by them, at, err, someones expense :? :rofl:
  12. Remember most labour rates these days are around $100 per hour.

    Oils are not cheap, and neither are spare parts.

    Finally dont forget the consumables charge, it all adds up and doesnt take much to get to $500 or there abouts..

    Other option is do it yourself, or have a back yard fella who knows what he is doing to do it.

    Then the more you bypass the dealer, the more the price goes up as they need to cover overheads.. :)
  13. doesn't sound too unreasonable really, actually sounds pretty good, I just paid $803 for 24000km service, plus them stuffing round with rewiring indicators and knocking up a quick bracket for number plate, was estimated at first to be $700 without the extra stuff.