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1200 CC too powerful an upgrade?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by vahramh, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I still have a few months to go, but already contemplating upgrading my bike as soon as I'm allowed to. Currently I ride a Yamaha V-Star 250 cruiser, and I'd love to upgrade to a Ducati Diavel (I know lots of people think it is ugly, but let's forget that side of things for now). I'm in two minds though - to get a Diavel when I want to I'd have to pay a deposit pretty much now, and I'm not sure I want to commit to that much power yet!

    Do you think upgrading from a 250 CC 20hp to a 1200 CC 162hp bike would be too much and risky?

    Cheers, Vahram

  2. It should be fine provided you accept a faster bike doesn't make you a better rider
  3. The real question is how much lead is in your right hand? its a bit of an upgrade, its about 7 or 8 v-stars in power, it can be done how ever, if your not feeling confident probably not a good idea.
  4. only you can know the answers to the questions above, and you may not know them yet

    but you also have to consider servicing costs, insurance costs, etc, with such an exotic machine....
  5. I think if you have to ask yourself that question (not to mention other people on a public forum) then maybe it's not time just yet?

    A litre bike isn't for everyone.. and jumping from a 250 straight to a 1200 is a big step, especially if you've never been on one before or spent very little time on one.

    As above, how heavy is your right hand? It doesn't need to be very heavy at all on a litre+ bike to put you over and way beyond the speed limit. So if you feel you're going to have trouble controlling the power maybe go for a 600 first and once you're comfortable with that, then try a 1200. You might find you wont have your license long if you make the big jump too quick.

    Of course, this is just food for thought. At the end of the day the decision is yours but make sure you're buying it for all the right reasons. (y)
  6. Thanks guys,

    My concern is not whether the more powerful bike will make me speed more. Yes I will speed, just like I do now - by not much and only when I think it is safe - both riding conditions wise, and absense of cameras wise. Of course I'm not always right, and I do pay my fair share of tax to the traffic cops :)

    My concern is that the more powerful bike will be harder to control. Is that the case? Has anyone out there gotten into that sort of trouble after upgrading to a bigger bike? Are there any "usual" errors towards which less powerful bikes are more forgiving, hence I may have gotten into the habit of making them?

    I think trying out a 600 CC first is a very good idea - I think I'll rent a LAMS one next weekend and see how it feels.
  7. a lams 600 isnt going to be particularly quick bear in mind, an unrestricted 600 would blow the pants of em, but an unrestricted 600 is still a better option then riding that 1200cc scud missile.
  8. you can do it
    yes you will lose your licence
    yes it is hideously ugly

    possible downsides > it will be a very long time before you master the bike and can ride it anywhere near it's potential and you may find yourself unwilling to push the envelope on this bike in order to learn. so you're learning gets stuck at a point and dose'nt progress.
    whereas, if you were allready at a point where you could chuck a 600 sportsbike around confidently, then it's not so big a leap.
    > don't forget how heavy it is when you slow to a stop, or any slow riding with giant powerfull front brakes. when she goes down, she's going down, no saving it, just bang.

    it is a hell of a lot of horses and the controls will be a lot more sensitive than you are used to. you have to be very delicate and smooth with everything.
    but understand, this bike cannot hurt you. only you can hurt you. do you have the maturity to ride it responsibly. the bike is far more capable of doing stuff in traffic that you probably should'nt do. there will be a devil sitting on one of your shoulders and an angel on the other. if you listen too much to the little devil you will take more unneccesary risks in traffic.
  9. It is an awful lot of bike going from a 250. Hard to say whether it would be too much though. When I upgraded there were a couple of litre bikes I tried that I found too full on, but others that were fine.

    In the end I opted for a 750cc instead.

    The Diavel does have adjustable fuel maps I believe, so you'll be able to start off on a milder setting at first.
  10. haha, it won't just launch itself like a scud missile, but you will only need to twist the throttle about 2mm to sit on any speed limmit. but don't worry 4mm still dose'nt mean scud missile, just kiss your licence goodbye
  11. Will reiterate what others have said. Get the bike you want. Nobody can tell you whether a particular bike is right for you or not. Any bike can kill you, if you ride it under a truck or into a tree, and any bike has the ability to assist you in losing your license.

    Test ride it though, and test ride some other bikes that you're kinda interested in but not 100% sure about. You might find that your attitude changes.
  12. The real question is can you afford to drop/crash a Ducati Diavel.
  13. Only you can be the judge of that answer. If you think you are ready, capable and responsible enough to handle such a machine, you certainly dont need the dis/approval of a bunch of strangers :)

    if your mind is set on it, get it and make sure you do your research and know what youre getting into. Just dont come crying if you lose your license/skin :D

    good luck!
  14. yes. you will die.
  15. You should see if can rent one instead, then give it back after you lose your license in the first week.
  16. 1200 cc is not so much the point either - a Bandit 1200 is about 100 horsies, the Diavel over 160. Given that... what everyone said above!

    If you like the cruisers, though, something like the XVS 1100 (about 60 horse) would be a much more sensible intermediate waystation.
  17. A few questions:
    Why do you want this bike?
    What will you use it for?
    Can you afford the servicing? Repayments?
    Am I ready for this power?
    Do I have self-control?
    Am I trying to impress anyone?
    It costs $25 Grand, what else could I use the money for?
    Will I become a better rider riding this bike, or will it just intimidate me?
  18. Thanks for the replies guys,

    Many good questions to think about, which implies that I am not ready to pay a deposit today! I'm now leaning towards getting a less powerful bike, keeping it a couple of years or 15-20,000 kms, before reassessing my ambitions :)

    Having said that - any suggestions? One of the major considerations for me is the upright sitting position (not necessarily a cruiser), and I'll be looking for something between 600-900 cc, 60-90 hp. Given that it will be a relatively temporary bike, the price is also a consideration - something aroung $10-15k. Are there Japanese bikes out there that tick these boxes, or do I have to go with a Monster or BMW?
  19. get on bike sales and have a look.
    Just do what everyone does and get a Street Triple.
  20. Dude, do some research as to what may suit YOU. Read reviews and get obsessed....:)

    Having said that check out the z750.