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12 Volt Power Outlet on V Star

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tonner, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I am looking at mounting a waterproof 12 v outlet, marine cig lighter style on my 650 V star Classic. Anyone done this before looking for a good position that is obscure but wont have cables blowing in the air from whatever I connect to the socket.

  2. This might not quite be what you are looking for...

    So that I could charge my phone, I located one behind the side panel (in the compartment where the toolkit is kept).

    There's a enough space to run a usb/iPhone cable out of the compartment, while it's locked. I just run the iPhone cable straight out of the compartment, into my jacket pocket if I need to be recharging my phone. If I'm not charging, nothing's visible.
  3. Gday akaluke, thought about doing that there is enough room to get a cable out without cutting or drilling nut I would prefer a hard mount so it no bouncing around in the toolbox when not in use.

    A simple enough solution though
  4. Ive got this setup..............depends whether you have a screen on your Vstar. Im also using a USB charger, makes it a bit easier and sleeker.


  5. Yeah that looks like the one I have.

    A burnsmoto USB socket.

    Google them. Work great.
  6. Bummer pics didnt come out, I will google it
  7. These look great, would have to change the male socket on my phone and GPS though to USB type of connector......and it still begs to question where do you mount the thing so its out of the way, easy to get too and wont leave cables blowing in the wind when your connected to it?
  8. normally closer to the guage clusters for normal bikes, for the Vstar the front is very exposed if you dont have a screen so the back on the bike of the storage compartments would be best.................but we really need to see your current setup
  9. I have left mine in under the seat, with enough length to have it just outside the seat edge, or all the way up into the tank bag to charge the phone etc on the go.

    also u can get a waterproof cover so even when connected to a usb device water wont get in..

  10. Gday AznCruiser, I have a small screen, more a wind deflector. I was hoping someone may have made a bracket of some sort that mounted a 12 volt plug say at the front of the Speedo cluster or off the risers or somewhere better. These are the only 2 spots I can see to mount it at the front, other than that it looks like being in the toolbox loose or in the cover hard mounted and I dont really want to drill holes in the cover
  11. You might be able to use the existing bolts used to mount your screen (as I did with mine). For cover and brackets, just scour through Bunnings and rig up some stuff, all you would need would be a drill for the bolts to go through and maybe a saw to cut the plastic/metal to form a roof/holder.

    You could also get one of this
    and something like this

    all you need is to rig us a plastic roof so water wont get in the socket when its parked, or you could mount the socket upside down.

    Plenty of spaces here
  12. I bought a flush mounting waterproof marine socket thinking I was being smart about it, it may be a bit on the large size being flush mount with a mounting hole either side of the socket. I might just look for the round style pictured above.
    A look at Bunnings is a good idea, I have made some mighty gear out of bits of crap I have bought from here ....lol
  13. This is where you mount the ashtray, right?

    And I don't even wanna KNOW what you're putting in there...
  14. NK just close your eyes and imagine hard enough :bannanabutt:

    That painful zapping your feeling is called chemistry.............................just make sure you wipe yourself when your done lol............tonner has to ride it the next day 8-[
  15. I think I'm starting to understand why Goz went native...
  16. you blokes are tougher than me