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VIC 12 months suspension (P1)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by zx636, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. Good day guys, just got fined for going 50km/h over the speed limit and thus lost 8 demerit points and copped a 12 months suspension starting in 28 days. What i want to know is what happens to my car license now? is that also suspended?

    Also does anyone know if i can get that 1 point for 12 month thing?

  2. [​IMG]
    depends what state.
    and... hopefully :D

    but seriously.. if your licence is suspended.. then it is suspended..
    you don't have 2 licences.. you have 1, with different conditions for car and bike.

    got a pushy?
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  3. Victoria.
  4. yeah, just saw the blindingly obvious State tag :D

    what bike were you doing 50 over on?
  5. 636.

    Apparently the cops tried to catch me when i entered some back-roads but i went flying and they couldn't keep up. Didn't even notice how fast i was going but thankfully they didn't catch my speed then. Ah well fcuk lesson learned i guess.
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    Your only alternative to losing your licence is to lodge an objection to the infringement and take the case to court. You can then keep driving until the court case. If you don't take it to court, you must lose your licence. If you do not want to lose your license, you will need to go to Court and win.

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  7. I don't have the money for court, guess I'll just buy my self a push-bike or bus ticket.
  8. You can sell your motorcycle.

  9. Yes you will be offered to retain your license should you not get another demerit point in a 12 month period.

    Vicroads - Demerit Points

    Victorian driver licence/learner permit holders:

    If you hold a current Victorian driver licence and/or learner permit and exceed your permitted demerit point limit, you will be sent a demerit point notice. This notice will allow you to elect to extend your demerit point period if you wish to continue driving. The 12 month extended demerit point period was formerly called a 12 month conditional bond.

    If you elect to extend the demerit point period and keep your driver licence and/or learner permit and you accumulate further demerit points within the 12 month period specified on the notice, your driver licence and/or learner permit will be suspended for double the original suspension period.

    If you do not extend the demerit point period, your driver licence and/or learner permit will be suspended. The minimum suspension period will be 3 months plus 1 month for every additional 4 points listed on the notice.

    The demerit point suspension commencement date will not be varied unless required by law.
  10. and buy a LAMS one? :D
  11. nb. OP is asking if the 12 month conditional bond is an option in lieu of a 12 month suspension. It isn't.

    What you have quoted from the VicRoads website does not take OP's situation into account. If you are facing mandatory licence loss due to a speeding offence, you must take the matter to court if you want to have any chance of keeping your licence.

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  12. Damn, just when i got happy. Amusing thing is I'm nearly off my green's on my car and never once pulled over or fined for anything. Straight away after i get a bike, I'm pulled over left and right, fined for speeding and in the end getting my license suspended for a complete year. I don't know how people with 1000cc bikes keep under the radar when it's real tempting to go overboard.

  13. three things... 1) Time and place, 2) Experience, and 3) Maturity :)

    there's a reason why L and P have restrictions... because it is tempting to go overboard.. and that + lack of experience = potential for mince :)
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  14. I don't lack the experience in the slightest unfortunately, seems in my case I'm just not mature enough for a motorcycle especially one that's capable of 270km/h. Anyway I knew i shouldn't have ever installed a quick-shifter.

    fcuk sakes.
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  15. or just lacking time and place :)
  16. To be fair, the traffic was very minimal. But of course the cop played it out like a car could magically drive through a brick wall / house any second and wipe me off the road.
  17. Ah well, I hadn't taken in to account the mandatory loss of license aspect. Looks like you are walking for a while. Commiserations,
  18. Well deserved, act like a twat and you'll get treated like one. The way i was riding i find this sort of as a blessing since i was one of those retards you see flying down the road and doing a wheelie or splitting past cars at high speeds. I bet if i kept it up i would of got splattered. I've only got 28 days to enjoy my motorcycle now since they were kind and decided not to impound it. After that i most likely will ask a friend or a mechanic i know if he can lock it up since i will probably get depressed not being able to ride it and knowing me i probably will ride it on a suspended license.

    And just to make this even more amusing, i totaled a bike a good couple months ago. So my insurance will be having a field day now.

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  19. In many ways I don't blame you for being skeptical of what the police or government say - you know... if you had have been going 5kph faster you'd be dead now. You're probably far more likely to take suggestions from your peers on this forum, and understandably so...

    And kudo's for you evaluating yourself and your circumstance. As others have mentioned - there is more than just the skills on a bike that you learn through age. Time and place is a big one. A rural straight road with no one around where the only risk is to yourself is one thing, but in town (which it sounds like you were?) is somewhere where I'm sure I'm not the only one that draws the line.

    No doubt a hard way to lean the lesson (well, there is harder ways I suppose) - but I've got to say good on you for taking a step back and self evaluating.

    As they say - you can't change what's happened in the past - you can only change what happens from here onwards - and it seems like you've got a pretty good attitude about it. I know other guys who have been in similar situations as you - who also learned from their experience - and they're now doing very good for themselves. Learn from it, keep a good attitude, and in a few years time you'll look back and laugh on it. I wish you luck.
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  20. Similar situation, no traffic (1am) when an unmarked police gave chase after clocking speed at 120km/h odd in a 50km/h zone. Objected the TIN and went to Court...

    No loss of license.

    As per previous post, if you want to have any chance of either reducing the suspension period &/or fine amount, you have one option only. Whether that is 'worth it' depends on how you value your time, money and ultimately, your licence to drive a vehicle. If you have no money, have no intention of getting any and/or do not need a licence then it is probably not worth it. So the only person who can answer this question is you.

    If you decide to go to Court and are found guilty, pursuant to s 84BL, the court must order you to complete a VicRoads safe driving program, which will cost you in the vicinity of $1,100.00

    Should you fail to provide VicRoads with written confirmation of having completed the program, the roads corporation body must suspend your license until such time you complete the course, and if your license is already suspended, the expiry of your current suspension is extended until such time as you complete the course, as per s 84BN

    Surely someone like you who enjoys the risks of driving at high speeds should also enjoy the risks of litigation too no?! :p

    Speaking of enjoying the risks, you may refer to related legislation, specifically the Road Safety Act 1986.

    Under s 84C, your offence is a Tier 2 offence.

    Now if you are guilty of a tier-1 offence or a second tier-2 offence within 6 years, even if the police may have already impounded your vehicle, they can make an application to impound your vehicle for a further two months under s 84U. If the offence is a second tier one offence within 6 years or a 3rd tier-2 offence within 6 years, Victoria Police can make an application to forfeit the vehicle to the minister, which in effect amounts to the permanent loss of your vehicle.

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