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12 Months Off - storing bike advice

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 123 321, May 16, 2010.

  1. Recently Victoria's finest have decided that I need to spend the next 12 months on public transport to think about my actions.

    So I need some advice for others who may have had to store a bike long term. Am I best to start the bike up every month or so and let it run to keep things going and get a mate to ride the bike every once in a while, or is there some way to set up the bike to store it for 12 months so it won't cause any damage?

  2. Re: 12 Months Off

    Have you considered selling it? It would probably be best, assuming you can make it an un-emotional decision. Having a bike that you can't use for 12 months is not an investment.
  3. Re: 12 Months Off

    if you cannot start her once per month then inject a small amount of oil in each cylinder do it will prevent surface moisture/rust. If carby drain fuel out of tank. plug the exhausts with a rag or something. It be good. Its no like we live in east europe with -30C.

    Investment lol, its his pride and joy why would you sell her?
  4. Re: 12 Months Off

    ill ride it for you for the next year :)
  5. Re: 12 Months Off

    Which bike do you have?

    Some folks in the US of A prepared a checklist found here. It's probably overkill for Australia.

    Then again, I left my 2002 ZZR250 for two weeks in the elements during a Melbourne April, while I was working interstate, and upon return it took me half an hour worth of cranking to start the bastard ...
  6. Re: 12 Months Off

    12 months off mate you beat my 6 month record what did you get up to ???
  7. Re: 12 Months Off

    Leave battery disconnected or keep it connected to a trickle charger..
  8. Re: 12 Months Off

    thanks for the advice, I should have no problems starting her up on a regular basis so that isn't a concern. Just wanted to check if there was anything else i should do above and beyond that.

    As for selling it, i have considered it and at this stage selling it just doesnt stack up. I've never bought a bike as an investment to begin with, plus I feel that when i bought it I got a good price on it, there is no finance owing & i do plan to ride it again. So the cost, time & particularly effort of selling it & then the buying costs, time & effort of a new bike in 12 months doesnt significantly outway (to me at least) the interest that i could earn if i sold it and put the money in the bank or something similar.
  9. Re: 12 Months Off

    yeh i've got a trickle charger so i might hook that up and just start it up on a regular basis.

    Thanks for all the advice guys.

    I've got an r6 and don't worry i've had plenty of mates already kindly and selfishly offer to ride it for me

    As for what i was doing - 50-60k's over the limit = 12 months off.
  10. Re: 12 Months Off

    Thats crazy i did 51 over and got 6 months, Weird same country diff rules

    stupid laws...
  11. Re: 12 Months Off

    yep victoria sucks!
  12. Re: 12 Months Off

    good luck with it. Hope u are still on the forums, that is really harsh
  13. Re: 12 Months Off

    Best damn roads in Oz, but other than that.......yep.

    Also keep your fuel tank topped up to the brim to stop moisture condensing in there.

    When you run it, don't just warm it up and turn it off, give it a couple of handfuls to clear out carbon deposits.
  14. Re: 12 Months Off

    i'll hang around because this isn't the end.... just a bit of a break to help me to appreciate riding even more!
  15. Re: 12 Months Off

    its like having no sex for 12 months imagine once you get back into it you go crazy......
  16. Re: 12 Months Off

    yeah great roads - probably why i've ended up in the situation im in!

    cheers for that, i'll top her up and give her a bit of a rev when i start her up.
  17. Re: 12 Months Off

    And let the air out of the tyres, so they don't go stale.
  18. Re: 12 Months Off

    When you come back you'll have a strong urge to ride as many as you can.
  19. Put your bike up on stands.

    Keep the tyres inflated but off the deck.

    Put the battery on a trickle charge.

    If the oil is old, change it, it gets rid of any organic acids that will form from the sludge.

    Start and run your bike to operating temperature every 4 - 6 weeks with some good handfulls of revs as Cheffie mentioned. Let it run for a while so that everything heats up evenly.

    If it's garaged and not drafty, then you probably don't have to keep the tank topped up - otherwise, keep the tank topped off.

    When you turn off the bike, shove a rag tightly into the hot exhaust which will stop moisture being dragged in as the bike cools.

    Before you get back on the bike, it might be worth changing brake fluids as moisture will have been absorbed by the fluid.

    By the way, get a good bicycle - it will make cycling more enjoyable and less of a task.

  20. thanks for this - very comprehensive.

    Luckily I have a garage with plenty of space that I will be able to keep the bike in so i might just have to invest in some stands & a cover

    And I will definitely be giving the bike a good service at the end of the 12 months to ensure that all the fluids and stuff are changed and fresh so I dont cause any problems from the bike not being used for such a long period.

    Also i will be investing bicycle, got no idea about bicycles so i'll need to do some research but ive got time as this will wait until it warms up a little!