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12 months is a loooong time to wait

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Melbgirl, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Yesterday husband and I went for our usual Sunday morning breakfast and decided to head home through the Dandenongs. It was such a beautiful day.

    From the moment I got on the bike it felt like all of a sudden something clicked after 4 months and everything felt different. U-turns and roundabouts freak me out ... they still did a bit yesterday but for some reason it felt easy, smooth and seemed like I had been doing it for years.

    Although the cars held us up through the hills, the bike and I seemed to be really in tune and the corners were feeling awesome.

    We stopped in Belgrave and hubby asked if I wanted to swap bikes!! Woh .. are you kidding me??!!! :grin: :grin: Of course!!!!

    He has a CBR1000F ... I have a GS500F.

    After giving me some instruction on how different the bike would feel ... I nervously got on and rode from Belgrave to Lyndhurst. By the time I reached Thompsons Road I really wanted to keep going as the feeling of the big bike was SO different to my little girl.

    While I wouldn't want to upgrade right now ... still have so much to learn and confidence to gain, I can see myself getting off the GS as soon as I am off my P's.

    This time next year ... I'm hoping husband's hand me down will become my daily commuter!

    Don't get me wrong .. I love my girl and as my first bike, she is great for me however I can see why people want to upgrade when they can. It really was a different riding experience.

  2. hmm.. on your P's riding a CBR1000F? tsk tsk. :p
  3. Definitely different sliding a litre of power between your legs. First time i hopped on a big boys bike i think my chest got hairier, balls dropped further and penis extended to 23 inches! :LOL:

    Good to hear you had fun, good luck with your wait, hopefully it'll be over quick :grin:
  4. I hope that never happens to a female that jumps on a big bore bike :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Riding a 1000cc bike when you are an unexperienced p plater is stupid.

    Because you'll know what you're missing out on, and be pissed off for the next many months until you get your fulls.
  6. PLUS fcukING ONE
  7. negative. I however disagree. The more I ride big bores the more I feel it is necessary to up my skills and work harder (within a limit of course) to improve my riding so when I do finally jump on a big bore legally I will know that I can ride it well without pussy footing it and being scared. :p
  8. I'd love all sorts of bikes, annd I'd love to ride them hard. However, irrespective of my most heartfelt desires and longings, no insurance = bugger that.

    The significantly larger chance of financially crippling yourself for life is a nice offputting.
  9. Earlier this year people used to ride around on their learner's bike, planning their upgrade to something big, like a GS500!
  10. I'd hate to ride a bigger bike and then not enjoy my current bike as much. Just seeing CBR600RR's and Tigers scream past is enough to remind me what I'm missing out on :LOL:
  11. JP Wrote

    i agree man, i want to enjoy my little 250. ill upgrade when im ready.
  12. ditto.. 14 days till im off my P's.. argh!
  13. I tried the cbr1000F and they're a very comfy bike to ride. Lost of power, soft seats and upright seating. I did feel that it's nice to ride but it's just abit boring for me :p
  14. try the 21 months it will have taken me to get off restrictions.
    speeding got me an extra 9 months (suspended).
    get caught on the big bore, and you will be looking at longer than 12 months too.
    12 doesnt sound so bad now does it?
    just wait it out, you have an infinite amount to learn before you upgrade, the more you can squeeze in the better.
    ive done 40,000km on my 250's (gone thru 3 of em :LOL:), and im still learning.
  15. Well Done :wink:
    I've never ridden anything larger than my hornet.
    I envy you :p
  16. Oh I feel for you - In NSW because I'm over 30 (and my hubby), as soon as my husband and I went for our MOST test we went straight onto our unrestricted license. So it's only been 3 months and about 5000km for him (bit less for me) and we are upgrading. He's getting a ZZR1200, which will be great, he's so squished up on the GPX and I'm going to a ER-6f (650 is big enough for short ole me :wink: )
  17. If I was given an opportunity to ride one on some private land I would definitely take it for a ride.. I think it would give me an incentive to keep pushing on in the 250. But on the street i'd be so worried about crashing it and having my mates insurance being void, there's too many things that could go wrong.. that is assuming my mate will even let me go within a 10m radius of his gixxer when he gets it lol.

    But I do envy you for having the guts to give it a spin though, I think you would have needed a crowbar to get me off
  18. I did worry all the time about insurance, damaging the bike, damaging myself, damaging somebody else (the list goes on and on) but I guess a moment's stupidity is all it takes.

    Tomorrow night we go to pick up hubby's brand new ZX14 so the CBR will be in the shed for 12 months until I can ride it.

    I told him he has no worries about me wanting to ride the ZX - my toes barely touch the ground on it. Couldn't believe how much bigger it was than the CBR.

    Anyway .. all good. My lovely little GS still does me very well and will do for another 12 months.

    Now that I've worked out why I was struggling with U-turns and roundabouts, I am trying to concentrate on other things to make me a better rider for when I do upgrade.