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12 Degree Rake Tripple Tree, will I need longer forks?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jimmy_g, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Decided to go for a lower degree rake.

    Thanks for you input guys!
  2. Probably an extension of about 6 inches, 150 mm
    You can get new legs or put in slugs,
    Slugs not recommended, They do have a tendency to unscrew,

    Put your bike on a box so that it is level. or where you want it to sit,
    Get a broom handle and line it up with your forks,
    Then add 12 degrees between the fork leg and the new leg.
    measuring at the bottom where your axle is, by moving the broom handle at the Bottom, The top stays in the same place, top triple tree,

    Measure the two points, between the triple tree and where the axle now sits, in its forward position,

    The difference between the extended axle lenghts is what your extension will be,

    It helps if you can get an extra hand to do this, Rough and ready, But it does work.
  3. fork length aside, have you calculated your new trail? These American aftermarket suppliers do some really stupid things.

    I'm bett 12 degrees is enough to end up with negative trail. This means the contact patch will be ahead of the centreline of the steering head. This means the wheel will want to turn around all the time rather than being self correcting like all other bikes.

    Phucking dangerous.

    About he most you should put in the tripple trees is +3 degrees.
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  5. good luck.

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  6. Oh dear. That doesn't look promising.

    It's worth remembering that it's entirely possible to make a beautiful component that doesn't actually work. It's also worth remembering that many Japanese bikes will never be ridden above 50 km/h or on demanding roads so they can get away with stuff that will kill you elsewhere.
  7. Not sure which model 1100 you've got, but if it has already got 33 degrees of rake like the ones I quickly googled, you will end up with 45 degrees with the new tree...

    Have a read of this, can't vouch for sites accuracy, but he makes sense:

    If you want to see what "flop" is on a production bike, test ride a first series V-Rod... they're at 38 degrees and tend to feel like the front tyre is flat at low speed. They reduced the rake on later models, amongst other changes. (When they finally drop that motor and trans into a RoadKing frame, I might buy a Harley.)
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  8. That is a really good read! Thanks for the link. Im going to do a bit of maths and work this out!
  9. Too much rake and your forks wont work, You will get bounce instead,

    Same as a Hard tail, You will get sick of that pretty quick as your spine gets shoved into your skull every time you hit a Bump..
  10. I've got a 6 degree rake kit on my 1100 and it handles perfectly fine, although I did do some research into the rake and trail stuff and I still have positive trail.

    I found with the rake kit on my 2007 yamaha xvs1100 that it wanted to turn a little quicker/easier. I didn't lengthen the forks so the front dropped down a little bit. Overall I like the modification.

    Don't forget that you will definitely need to get longer brake lines. I opted to get SS braided lines, get them locally made because they need to be ADR approved.
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  11. Thinking I might swap mine over for the 6 or 8 kit. According to my calculations the 12 degree kit will give me -0.54 trail to +0.24 dependent on what I do with the forks. Not ideal!

    Do you have any pics of the 6 degree kit installed? Did you install it yourself?
  12. yeh good move, 12 degrees of rake could be too risky.

    I installed them myself, took a couple of hours, only because you have to totally disassemble the front end. otherwise its a pretty straight forward mod.

    Just a heads up, depending on what risers you have, you will need to get new mounting bolts because the stock top triple clamp is different to the aftermarket set. Its closer to a harley set up. I just got some new bolts from bunnings.

    I'll post up some pics of my bike with the rake kit, just gotta find em first :D
  13. excuse the stock-ness of the bike, I plan to totally bob it once I finish uni :D

    btw, while your customising your bike, you may be interested in the pod kits available for the yammy that from what I hear... are amazing. you can get them from sscustomcycle.com

    I'm gonna order the kit and some pipes from them later this year. I've heard good things about this vendor.

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