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12 Apostles etc over 2 days

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by iGolf, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm going to dodge the heat on Sun/Mon and ride down the GOR to Port Campbell.

    Just wondering if Port Campbell is a worthy overnight stop or should I cruise an hour up the road to Warrnambool/Port Fairy in order to find some late night food and beverages.

    Port Campbell seems like a touristy town so I'm hoping it fits the bill. But don't think I've been there for 30 odd years.

  2. Rus LerRus Ler may be the best person to answer these questions...

    All the best though... Remember to take a lot of pics. ;)
  3. Every 10 seconds ;)
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  4. How late are we talking?

    12 Rocks cafe and beach bar is pretty good. Or you can go to the Craypot bistro, which is in the Port Campbell Hotel.

    I then always stay at the Port Campbell hostel, it's the best backpackers I've ever stayed in. It has good cooking facilities if you bring your own food. Also if you aren't the shy type, you can meet some nice tourists.

    Unless you plan to keep heading West, I don't see the point in going to Warrnambool, might as well go to Hamilton and stay a little closer to the Grampians for the next days ride.
  5. Port Campbell is my usual stopover for GOR trips. Lovely little town, although a bit quiet other than 1 pub on the main street.

    Have also done Port Fairy, there is a great pub/music scene there, we wound up in the Stump and the place went fcuking bananas. And I'm from Ireland so I know what a mad pub looks like trust me.

    stump (800x600).
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  6. Depends on your time frame, Pt Campbell is a great little town now, been cleaned up in the last 10 years to cater for tourists, If you want night life there's probably not a lot going on, Warrnambool for that, Pt Fairy will be quiet mid week too, what are your plans? Just GOR?, good run along there then home through the Grampians but 2 full days.
  7. Plan at the moment is to play golf Mon morning. So will prob head back through Colac and take it easy.

    I might give Port Campbell a go Sun night. I'm not really looking for crazy night life. Just something that's open at 8pm Sun night for a beer and feed.
  8. 12 rocks Cafe and beach bar sounds like a plan.

    I always plan on heading off around 7am or so to dodge some traffic and hit Lorne for brekky. But it never works.
    Maybe that white night thing will keep a few people off the roads Sunday morning :p
  9. Thirty years ago you could expect to have to fight your way out of the Lady Bay in Warrnambool on a Saturday night, if you weren't a local.
    Dunno what it's like now but I'd choose Port Campbell, at my age.
  10. I'm old school catholic dairy farmer with over 100 relatives in the Warrnambool region.

    Bound to one around who will vouch for me I hope :confused:
  11. After 9,000km in 3 months, this might be my last decent run on the Yamaha r3.
    There's a 2016 street triple in my future I think.
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  12. We may have tangled at sometime in the past :shifty: unfortunately "The Bay" is gone along with the great fledgling bands, all holiday accommodation now
    That accounts for most of Koroit and Pt Fairy (bloody catholics:cautious:)

    Please be aware of international drivers pulling out on the wrong side of the road, had a few incidents of late with 1 fatality, more common than reported

    Have a spare bed 15 mins north of Warrnambool if you wish
  13. Those were the days I remember them well !
  14. I think we have infiltrated Colac, Warrnambool, Portland, Killarney, Camperdown and a few others.

    I'm kind of hoping the clapped out Toyota hiace rental vans have thinned out for the summer by now.
    But I'm so slow that it's not going to bother me too much.

    A Grampian run would be awesome, but I might save that for a Netrider group ride so I don't get lost like I usually do.
  15. Very much appreciate the accom offer Rus LerRus Ler but I've already grabbed some in Port Campbell.
    Thanks again though.
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  16. iGolfiGolf How was your trip, I am doing it Thursday, staying in a cabin at the Port Campbell caravan park, I need to know, is coffee available in the morning, early?
    And whats a good option for dinner.
  17. Yep, coffee is available in the main street, but what does early mean? 5am?
  18. Well I got a coffee at around 730.
    Is that early enough?
    I posted a few comments in the 'where did u ride today' thread.

    I had dinner at 12 rocks.
    It was packed sun night.
    Solid parma.

    I was surprised how poor the roads are down the coast this year. Some real nasty surprises if you tail cars and can't see what's coming. Reminds me on Hawaii after we had a decent earthquake. Weeds growing through 2 inch wide cracks in places.
    Turtons was the best piece of bitumen I rode in the Otway!
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  19. The condition of the GOR is an absolute disgrace considering what a tourist icon it is. In places its nothing more than an endless patchwork of shoddy half arsed repairs.
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  20. BjpittBjpitt yeah my body clock starts going off around that time....