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12/04/12 L-friendly blat!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CFVFR, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Doing a ride with my boy Lachlan on the Strom. Thursday 12th April.
    Meet at servo next to Maccas at Pakenham 1000 for 1015 kick off. Be fueled.
    Planned route up to Worri Yallock, Warby,
    Stopping at the Gadysdale Bakery at Yarra Junction for a cookie! At about 1015
    Then onto Warby, Marysville for lunch, back to Healsville then Pakkers.

    Suitable for new riders that want to see some great roads and scenery. Depending on numbers will do corner marking etc.

    Will be riding to but not over the limit as I'm with the boy and he tends to fall asleep on the back after lunch! Seriously!

    Any riders live near the Morn pen then pm me and we can hook up closer to home.


    Cheers all. Hope to have a few along as its a good ride.
  2. I may tag along for this, if you don't mind having an old fart on a Wee strom along.
  3. Might try & make this also. I'll be on holidays so might as well get out and ride.

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  4. That'll make 2 old farts Dave!
  5. Can't make it but have fun guys.
  6. Another old fart if I can skive off work.
  7. Skive! Haven't heard that expression since the old country!
  8. Looks like crap weather Mon Tues Weds but so far! Says 22 and sunny for Hurs. Here's hoping!

    Looks like the wife is coming along for her first dink on the Strom!
    Lachies been a little bugger of late so no ride for him mummy says!
    Behave yourself boys or you'll get sent to the naughty corners,

    Tis all,

  10. Know how he feels ;)
  11. Yeah I'll probably make this :)
  12. Mayyyyyybbbbeeee.......??
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  13. Ok, good news. The rides still on with er' on t'back
    Meet time now 10am for 1015 depart as have to shuttle sprogs off to various places before hand.
    Joe, hope you can make it. Be able to discuss the possible c511 next week!

    Cheers all, hope to get a few as its a good ride. No rush etc. and I'll know if I am going too fast.....sore kidneys!
  14. Mmm, which section of c511? Given that you both ride dirt squirters, I'd imagine it's the bit up towards Matlock??
  15. The tiny weeny bit between Camberville (near Marysville) and Kevington.
    About 64 kms I think.
    Did it by mistake on the way back from Snowy ride with a mate.
    Oh yeah, we were both on road bikes at the time. Took 2 hours! He wouldn't talk to me for a while after.
    Now I'm doing it next week, possibly Weds or Fri with a few other guys with suitable bikes. Should be fun. Incredible country round that way that you don't see on the sealed stuff!

    Ps are you still on your Strom? Or similar. More than welcome mate. Not really posting that one up per se. Pm me for details
  16. woohoo.... :dance:
    I'm in, see ya inda mornin.........
    Should be there jamin in sum hotcakes.....

    Err, better stik to speckin english b4 the mods catch onta me...

    Just I'm excited when I ride... :dance: :dance: :dance:
  17. Just to confirm meet point...

    It's the one on the Princess Hwy IN Pakenham (where we met for snowy) and NOT the Princess FWY bypass one that goes around Pakenham??
  18. I was trying to get organised to go on this ride, but it's not going to happen. Maybe next time. Have a great ride.
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  19. Joe, yet same as snowy. Maccas is right next to a KFC and a servo.
  20. Can't make it any more I'm afraid, but it's for a good reason, I'm starting a job trial with a courier company tomorrow. I will be using my DR650.