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12,000 km service question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thesal, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Hi fellow netriders...

    I've put almost 1000kms on her this week since buying. :p

    However, coming up to the 12,000kms service, Is it just oil /fluids /general check over or a more major job?
    Also is there anything I should have the mechanic double check when i take it in / pick it up from the Honda dealership soon.

    The bike is running beautifully, still 1 year warranty left, no issues at all

    Any suggestons / advice would be much appreciated.
  2. What needs to be done (in general terms) is listed in the manual.

    Its the mechs job to pick up any issues during the service and sort out. But certainly if you know that something you've noticed in particular needs doing, yes you'd let them know.
  3. thanks phizog...

    in all the excitement of buying her, i only "flicked" through the owners manual last week, but.... i just had a better look through the manual and happen to notice the little maintenance chart on page 89/90 :oops: ...it's very detailed and well laid out actually ...go Honda! :p

    seems to be a fairly good check over the 12k but now i can see things like the valve check is at 24k :)

    cheers mate
  4. Fear the valve service, or so I'm told.

    But I can use you as a reference for my 12k service now, thanks :p

    Beautiful bikes aren't they?
  5. I had the 12,000k Major Service done on mine on Friday - $357 all up.

    Pretty good
  6. 12K is the major service interval. Usually costs me around $200. As for valve clearances, yes the VTEC is expensive but if my '98 is anything to go by, a minor concern - 170K and no adjustments required yet.
  7. Cheaper than my 6k that's for sure.