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12,000 Km later...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Well i guess it's time i put a few things to e-paper.

    In 6 Short months i've marked up just over 12,000km on the GSX1400 and loved every minute of it!

    have a had a couple of sad moments...looking at your bike lying on the ground is never anyones' idea of fun. :sad: Yes, we had a stationary drop on one side... had to replace the tank (at super good price thanks to Japanese Motorcycle Dismantlers over in S.A. Top service.) but all in good again and we are all smiles.

    So down to the bike and my experiences.

    To put it bluntly, It has more torque than John Laws in a cash for comment campaign!! Bruised shoulder sockets are par for the course!

    She still surprises me with just how fast 100 can show on the speederometer. Depending on how you want it, acceleration can be hard and sharp or smooth and forceful. Either way i always have the feeling she has more to give...and she does!

    Still fiddling with with things to find the ideal suspension setup but one thing remains true...she sticks to the road like sh#t to a blanket. Everything feels smooth and never really feel like she's skating across the terrain.

    Despite her size she feels no different than a 250 once she's going...well ok, yes she does but you get the idea, lighter to handle than you would think to look at her.

    Original rear tyre has just expired... getting replaced on Monday with a shiny new PR2!

    I've just added a Staintune pipe to it and if anything the power delivery is smoother and quicker than it was before!! got to watch that right wrist.

    If you've ever been looking for a touring bike? This is it. Have done a number of 2 up trips. with and without luggage. No complaints from pillion or rider and the luggage fitted on ok too. camping trips are no problem. easily carries enough gear and tent for 1 for a couple of nights. Panniers needed for longer stays or 2up trips.

    Economy is proving a thing to get used to... compared to my old Spada which used to do about 180 of 9 litres, the GSx is teeny bit thirstier... but 280 when reserve kicks in about 16-17 liters gone is ok i think. Worked it out that if i ran her dry i'd get about 360 out of the 22 litres.


    Powerful but not twitchy
    Smooth to ride
    Awesome styling. Looks like a bike was meant to.
    She's Mine!!!


    Heavy.. Really Heavy!! 250Kg on the road.

    For those who know me and my history, corners are getting better but left handers are still rather timid...(preservation mode just won't quit i'm afraid.) Getting a few pointer from some other riders and and a lot more confident that i was on the 250. She's tought me a lot and i'verevelled in the lessons...C'mon how painful are lessons that involve trips down the GOR and Deans Marsh?

    Have a few things lined up for her.

    Belly pan waiting to be fitted once sprayed and i have the engine bars on.(need to cut the pan down a touch to fit).

    Red Rim tapes just arrived (Thanks steve)

    some straighter bars would be nice.

    a rear hugger

    a screen for those long trips in head winds!

    When i first picked this as the bike for my upgrade, (yes 250 -1400 in one hit!) i though i was mad! So did everyone else frankly
    But i've felt at home on her since the day i picked her up, never once did i think i'd made a mistake and i'd do it all again.

    Rather sad that they are now out of production.:sad:

  2. can you get hard lockable panniers for those things?

    not just top boxes, but ones that go on the sides
  3. I believe that Givi make a set that will fit. Not sure though

    Personally i've just used a ventura rack and bag and just picked up some soft panniers.

    may get hard ones at some later stage.
  4. Isn't Torque wonderful?
    Nothing like pulling out of a slow corner and not caring too much about revs!
  5. Awesome. The 14 is my dream bike, just have to wait for restrictions to end...
  6. Glad you happy with it Drew.
    I reckon a torque grin lasts longer :LOL:

    What was the OEM rear? 12,000 is bl@@dy fantastic out of it.
  7. Good write up. Agree 100% with all you've said. Owning a GSX1400 certainly is a learning experince, regardless of how many bikes you owned previoulsy. Absobloody fantastic machines. :grin:
  8. Nice update Drew.........welcome to musclebike heaven :p

    Holy cow :shock: did you get 12000k's out od the Bridgie 021's...?
    I only got 7 before mine was looking rather sad, :? mind you, I do tend to play hard on the Oxley....luv them corners where the 14 just revels in the torque :LOL:
    Think you will be impressed with the grip on the PR2's

  9. Well Drew, before you get these.....

    Go get this www.superbikeschool.com.au
  10. out of interest have you tried any tourers with fairings to compare the GSX to when it comes to touring? or overall the lack or fairings didnt bug you?

    youd think the GSX motor would be perfect for suzuki to make a faired tourer with.
  11. Well a few things..

    Triway... yes school is on the cards... a few things on that list are more for my piece of mind though (engine bars). The preservation thing just won't go away though.... each left hander is a session of sheer terror of what might happen. understandable given my medical history with that leg. Im naturally cautious anyway...

    Rogues - yep.. 12,000 on the OEM BT021's mind you i was kinda timid with it for the 1st few thousand...... 9-12 degrades fast though.... i seem to be giving it a bit more wrist now :twisted:

    Gsxxer - my 1st bike was a spada...i've never really ridden a bike any real distance that had a fairing. They all seemed way to big at the front...just the visual effect of all that plastic but just didn't make me comfortable... mind you i gave the Trumpy Sprint a good long think over.

    Fairing just don't really do it for me i'm afraid. Besides the 1400 is an awesome tourer as it is.
  12. Great reading Drew!
    It's always good to see someone who is passionate about their machine.
    May you have many 1,000s of Km together.