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1150gs stripped thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fil, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Unfortunately I have clumsily cross threaded the female opening of the abs module on my 2000 bmw r1150gs. It seems no one here in Townsville has the appropriate tap for me (I believe its 12mm diameter and 27 threads per inch).
    Besides buying another module, is there a way I can bypass this module altogether? Please advise what is my best option?

  2. You could tap it a bit bigger and get Enzed to make you a nice new braided line.
  3. its one of those flare nuts that is already on a the steel brake line that feeds into the abs module, so I don't think I can change the size of the hole without complicating the other bit
  4. Helicoils?
  5. I did consider helicoil but a mechanic in the army said it'd be hard to put an insert in there. i may get a second opinion if i can though
  6. OK, you are mixing shit up. metric bolst don't come in TPI

    I'm guessing you have m12 bolt with a 1mm ptich. You should be able to get a tap for that.
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  7. Not difficult.
  8. Are you having a go at my keyboard mashing?
  9. Me? Not at all. I just posted a link to a M12x1mm tap, just like you were talking about. Nothing more.

    You should see some of the messed up crap I type before I go back and correct most of it.
  10. Ah link didn't for me. Just showed Amazon. I thought you were telling me to get a dictionary. I thought it was funny.

    looks to be working now
  11. Nah. I discovered years ago that a dictionary is useless if you can't spell, kind of like telling a kid who has no idea what the date is to stand in front of a calendar to find out what the date is.
  12. When you say cross threaded did you bottom it right out crossthreaded or have you just munched the first couple mm? If it's just the first part of the thread you can just run a small reamer through the threads to clean it up and be really careful lining the nut up next time. If you've eaten at the whole thread is the threading the sealing portion or is there another sealing surface such as an angled face on the end of the nut with a matching surface in the module? If you've eaten up the whole thread and it's using the thread as a sealing surface even a helicoil won't fix it properly as it'll likely never hold the required pressures again unless you drill two+ sizes larger and tap say m14x1 or m16x1 then use a m14/m16 to m12 hydraulic fitting adapter(see enzed). If it is sealing against an engineered sealing surface you can helicoil or even just re tap it, as long as you can get the required torque it will be fine as the thread is not sealing against the pressure of the braking system.

    All this said, I'd replace the module. Brakes are not something to fcuk with and ABS modules/pumps are really sensitive.
  13. Chuck a pic up, will give a better idea of what your options are.
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