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$115 for a pair of throttle cables.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kernel, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Get this. I call up my local Suzuki dealer (Peter Stevens in Dandenong) to see if they have a pair of throttle cables for my DR650 so that I can go riding this weekend.
    I call up, get onto spare parts. Some guy called Ricky says that he doubts they have them in stock but will check for me anyway. Then says, they'll be $115 and he'll have to order them in for me.
    SCREW THAT, I'd much rather wait for my package from the US with a bunch of stuff including new throttle cables to come in. Even though it means I won't get to ride my bike until like Monday or Tuesday. :-({|=

  2. cool story bro.
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  3. Where are you ordering from in the USA, might get some myself? Throttle cables are items that you will eventually need.
  4. Thats pretty rich... mind you thats part of the reason I love the XR600R - everything seems to be cheap for it. $30 clutch cables, brake pads and even ignition units!

    If the local can't do better than the quoted tell him you're sorry, but you'll have to go elsewhere unless that price includes fitting. Enough replies like that and he might have to get a bit more reasonable.

    - boingk
  5. You CANNOT be a DR650 owner and not know about http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/dr650.html .
  6. Just got it 6 months ago and its only a year old so haven't really been shopping that much.

    Thanks for the link. Might pick up some spares as I will need them sooner or later. Pity I didnt have some already would have traded.
  7. I haven't really got any spares either.
  8. Try thumpertalk as well, I've bought bits for the DRZ400E from them, good service, and quick..
  9. yeah Procycle is pretty renowned for good and quick service too, but I will try TT if I ever need anything else.
  10. That is one sharp looking bike you have there! I bet it handles like a real badboy. If I ever get into trail bikes, I might have to look at one of these. Enjoying it still?

    Love your sigs haha, I'll have to poster the second one on my wall. I buy heaps of shit I don't need
    "The number one reason why lane splitting/filtering is good is simply that it pisses off the beige folk stuck in traffic.

    Buy once, buy right, never buy again."
  11. funny,,i was scrolling thru reading the headings and i saw yours ...and i hadnt even opened it and i thought , must be somethig to do with peter Stevens...lol and it was...
    typical..there a BOC when it comes to prices..fk em and boycott them!
  12. Why thank you. No, it does not handle fantastically well, but more than good enough for my needs :)

    Lol yeah, same price when I called up mick hone motorcycles. At least they had a pair in stock... anyway. Got the pair from the Us in, motion pro ones, 30ish bucks from Procycle.
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