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113.5 HP GixxerKart!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by josh909, Jun 10, 2005.

  2. Talk about power slides... YEAH BABY...... Screw these silly 2 litre japanese turbo's for drifting contests...


    Roarin, Bladewar, lets build one!!!!!!!!
  3. A mate of mine has got a ZX12R engine sitting in his garage.

    Anyone know where I can get a gokart chassis?
  4. I know guys into go-karting... Could borrow a chasis if you are serious....
  5. We'd probably prefer to buy incase we broke it.

    Don't suppose you know what sort of cash we'd be looking at?
  6. Anywhere from $200 to $2,000... All depends on brakes, size, chasis type, age, etc.....
  7. Well I imagine we'd want good brakes :shock: :p

    I'll have a chat to my mate, see if he wants to go halfs. The engine was for a project bike but he's since discovered V-Twins and bought an SP2.
  8. Lets talk after the long weekend.
  9. That is awesome!

    Where could you take one if you built it yourself though?
  10. Hmmmm, shopping centre car parks in the evening???

    Factory/industrial areas after dark

    Maybe the old Avalon Airfield

    Bugger it, Monash Freeway at 2:00am....
  11. The Island? GOR?

    Western Ring Road :p

    You'd need a van with a ramp on the back parked somewhere so you could whip around a corner, up into the back of a van and shut the doors.
  12. I've just talked my mate into it!!!! We are going to do it. I am currently searching for a go kart rolling chassis.... My mate is a specialist welder and metal fabrication engineer so he has access to all the materials and equipment....My dad used to be a panel beater and motorcycle mechanic......my mates dads owns 2 of his own service stations and has a full mechanics garage (he is a mechanic) at each one which he lets us use.

    I just watched that video and fell in love. My dad did someone similar is when he was my age only it involved an old ford V8 and 2 ute chassis welded together and speed way tyres (he did some mechanic work for an american speedway team).

    SO does anyone know what an old GSXR1100 engine will cost me??
  13. *Update* i think i just found my frame!!
  14. $2,000 working

    $1,000 with work required.

    You will need exhaust manufactured also, modify the cooling - radiators - much smaller - A shifter mechanism, would have to be clutch....
  15. Man that is the most awesome thing I have seen in ages,
    a bit hard on tyres tho.
    I want one,
    I saw a 1998 Blade motor for sale,
    I have found a new use for my old unregoed Z650, lol.
    :D :D
  16. You better look at an air-cooled motor.....
  17. Maybe the engine off a Warrior :p

    Not only would it go like the clappers but you could toe the yacht as well