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110pc Metric Tap and Die set

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by booga, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. You'll probably need some of these [​IMG] as well if you are going to repair small engines. :grin:
  2. All hail to the re-coil..... [-o<
  3. I got a $30 set from supercheap/autobarn/whatever. Much smaller but it's got most of the common sizes I need.
  4. And if it's the same as the $30 set I got from the same source, they'll all be blunt as f*&k with whacking great burrs on the cutting edges that'll chew up any thread you try to clean with 'em :evil: .

    Mine are just about useable now that I've ground off the burrs using a Dremel with a thin grinding wheel in it to open up the flutes a bit.

    Worth checking before you knacker the threads in a megabuck casting.
  5. A $30 /2dollar shop die set..HMMMM Lucky it didnt snap off in the hole ,That would be fun to get out ..Some tools are worth buying quality and some not...
  6. Fair call there lads, I've only used it three or four times but it's performed well thus far. I'll be careful.