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$1100 for a dropped Hyosung GT650

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by krisbell, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    Had my first drop of a bike last week doing tight turning circles on a demo Hyosung 650 :oops: . The drop was done at pretty much stationary pace and it was more a light put-down than a drop. Damage was a miniscule scratch on the front brake lever, broken indicator housing, a small scratch on the exhaust and a tiny scratch on the mirror. Just heard back from the garage and they quoted over $1100 as they said I needed a new muffler, gasket... I have no idea how all this damage occured and annoyingly the bike was not working properly before I dropped it as it was the half-faired version and the guages kept on going on and off and the throttle response was extremely lagged and irregular as if the engine was cold but this was after 30 minutes riding on a hot day in far north queensland!

    Thing is I was really interested in buying the Triumph Street Triple that they had in stock and they kept on saying they would forget about the damage if I bought it and now I'm beginning to think that they have made the cost of repairs high to try to get me to put down serious bucks for the Triumph. Does anybody have any idea if $1,100 is a reasonable price for a replacement muffler, gasket, mirror ($100), brake lever ($11) and indicator light ($30) and whether a small scrape (about 1.5cm by 0.5cm) on the exhaust justifies this cost? I am not technically minded at all so have no idea about these things.

    Cheers, Kris
  2. umm.....why were you riding the Hyosung if you are planning on buying the Triumph :?
  3. $1100 doesn't go far, new parts and labour, I'd say that it is pretty much spot on, buy the triumph.

    Just try not to prang it!
  4. Sounds about right.
    Remember they'll now be selling a dropped bike and will take a hit of some sort.

    I know someone who rolled a New Walkinshaw Commodore during a demo and they're still paying for it.
  5. if you do pay the repairs, insist on keeping the lever and silencer.

    You paid for em so you may as well ebay them to someone who's done decent damage to their hyo.

    ...or they just fell off HaHa LOL
  6. Rolling a car during a demo test drive... impressive. Most impressive.
  7. Could have been worse

    Rolling a car is impressive, returning it airborne and landing it on top of the other cars at the dealership is even better (and yes that's what really happened).
  8. 10/10 for effort on that one :LOL:

    Yes its high. They're charging you RRP cost for those items, if they quoted their cost price it would be half that
  9. I agree.

    I'm sure someone out there will buy it, it's not like you can just find Hyosung parts on the side of the road.
  10. There are many here who would disagree with that last statement :LOL:.
  11. can i be the only one to say thats way to much tell em to get fcuked.
    gimie some pliers and a coke can ill make ya a gasket.
  12. errrr, if your handywork is anything like your recent logo design attempts, I'll happily pay the $1100 :p :LOL:
  13. im never guna live that down
  14. i bet their jus gonna put the money towards their lunch money

    "Ay guys! lets have italian tonight and got enough left for 2 strippers!"
  15. What is so wrong with that.
  16. So if you test ride a bike you're liable for costs in a crash? I didn't know that.

    Do you have to sign something when you take a bike out? I know some private insurance carries a disclaimer for not paying out on test rides when you go to sell, but I would have thought a business would have to be insured for demo bikes?
  17. The muffler on these bikers is $800 and the mirror about $100 as well as the $100 for the brake lever... You are lucky they only charged you $100 for Labour!!!
  18. In my experience for new bikes you sign an agreement to pay the excess for their insurance, which is something like $2,000. Testing used bikes I was just asked to produce my licence.
  19. Try telling them the drop was due to the bike not running properly, ie poor throttle response etc.

    Furthermore you were injured due to their negligence and holding them responsible. Have their lawyers contact your lawyers etc.

    Although perosnally, I thnk you're screwed.
  20. if you could draw the battle out for a few months...the gt 650 would only be worth 1500 bucks.