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NSW 110 km/h for L plates on the cards

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smileedude, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. http://m.smh.com.au/drive/motor-news/fast-lane-for-learner-drivers-20121215-2bgbz.html

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  2. A sudden outbreak of common sense!

    Currently, sporting an L or P plate only tends to incite rash behaviour in other motorists as they try to overtake the L/P-plater at any cost. This is ramped up in NSW to potentially lethal levels, due to the 80/90/100 kmph maximum limits.

    Abolishing this artificial limit will increase overall road safety, reduce road rage, and enhance learning skills.

    P.S.: Didn't Victoria once consider adopting these measures, then observed how NSW fared and decided to drop the idea? If so, that speaks volumes.
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  3. If NSW the only state dumb enough to go this?
  4. .
  5. For L and P1 and P2 platers, yes.
  6. Yes, far too dangerous with all those pedestrians you have to navigate by on the freeways.
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  7. I would support this but only for learners who have logged substantial hours, say 75.
    It is up to the parents/instructors to start slow, increase the learners skills and confidence,
    slowly increase their exposure to traffic, etc. Not throw them in at the deep end. I don't want to see
    learners get their "L" plates and head for the freeway doing 110km/hr.
    Once they have some experience and can handle the basics of driving they need to be introduced to higher speeds and
    more traffic. Doing this while supervised seems like a better idea to me than the current system of making them a
    slow moving hazardon L&P's then letting them loose with no supervision or experience at higher speed.
  8. First a filtering trial and now a recommendation for practical driver training. Can someone please explain wtf is going on in NSW government? I may just have to vote liberal again.
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  9. Are you properly thick? 5 hours is far more than enough to handle the basics of driving. Anyone that had a billy-cart as a kid (worryingly few these days) can handle the basics of driving. If you cant manage basic controls after 5 hours, you shouldn't get a licence, period. 75 hours is an extra 50% on what was the previously required minimum driving time for learners. Stupidity in the highest degree.
  10. Driving at 110km/h on a freeway is one of the easiest most boring things you can possibly do in a car. It requires no skill whatsoever.

    I always thought the 80/90 limits for learners in other states were crazy and possibly counterproductive as it would drive everyone else bananas.
  11. No sweat.
    NT is a weird one. P's are restricted to 100 but L's are restricted to 80 unless they are doing an approved course with an accredited instructor.
  12. Quite constructive really, they get you to do drills, each time increasing by 5 km/h. They normally start you at 70 or 80. By the end you can be coming in at 120+.
  13. about time there got there act together
    it is what i told the copper when i lost my license and he said it was dumb and stupid law but still booked me for it
  14. Don't do that Lilley. Implementing recommendations of common sense does not constitute good governance.
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  16. That's great news. For too long new riders there have been sitting ducks, legally helpless to protect themselves from reckless or incompetent overtakers.
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  17. Note no mention of P plate restriction. We could end up in the situation where L platers allowed to go 110 because they are supervised but P platers keep their limits. Not entirely unlikely given the media hype that surrounds P platers.
  18. How thick are you? Look at the standard of drivers after 120hrs. Many are still hopeless and you want to let them loose after 5hrs.