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$110 Fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Joff, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. From what I have read the worst that people have copped for riding a bike bigger than a 250 on their Ls/Ps restrictions in Victoria is a $110 fine.

    I reckon I'm willing to buy a bigger bike if that is all that happens.

    Anyone done this?
  2. Go for it dude, as long as you're willing to take that risk. No sort of points/suspensions come along with that?

    I'd make damn sure. Even to the point of calling the cops from a payphone to ask.
  3. Yeah thats the fine for too powerful, but if you crash it your insurance company won't cover you and you'll be up shit creek if you hit something expensive.
  4. don't worry about insurance because you will not be covered.

    do your time like every body else.
  5. you are aware that there is a reason for restricting new riders to 250cc right?
  6. I'm not a complete idiot -

    I know I should learn all there is to riding before stepping up to a real bike, but whether I continue to ride sensibly on a Kawasaki ZZ-R 250 or a Suzuki GSX-R 750 isn't going to make that much difference in my opinion. I know the temptation is there on a much quicker bike but I am aware of my incompetence and too scared to push it to the limits at this point anyway.

    But the insurance factor is probably enought o stop me doing it I guess.
  7. Learn to ride your 250 well. Once you're on the bigger bike, you're pretty much guarantee to open it up. It's a rare person who doesn't. And it's people who are too bloody impatient who does stupid speeds, crashes and gives the other bikers a worse name. Do the right thing and do your time.
  8. The least of your problems if something happens...

    1. No insurance (for your bike or other property) if your at fault
    2. Other insurance will refuse to pay if you aren't at fault
    3. Cops could charge with dangerous driving
    4. No, or high fee, insurance in the future when you declare accident whilst riding out of restrictions
    5. Govt could change laws applying points to license for this whilst you are still on restrictions
    6. Cop will go over you and bike with fine tooth comb, especially if not first offence.
    7. Death/disability insurance will refuse to pay if the worst happens.
    8. No extended TAC benefits (eg. salary payments whilst off work)

    Just not worth it, IMHO.
  9. I did it.

    There are reasonable circumstances though. I rode a loooong time ago (back when Suzi Rotaries were cool - mine was green and white). Finally got back on a bike and this time got around to getting a licence. (Old age is like that - common sense finally becomes more common in your daily activities). Ran my 250 out of oil, with six months to go on restrictions. Made the decision based on 6 years riding experience to go to a bigger bike and run the risk. (On second thoughts, maybe common sense doesn't.....Oh, never mind.)

    Have to make your own decision. Things get out of control a whole lot quicker on a bigger bike, though. Don't let exuberance and arrogance rule. Carefully consider your ability to resist the whispers from the red devil on you left shoulder.

    Come to think of it, Suzi rotaries were never cool.
  10. A bugger bike, nil? You must tell us about them, sounds fascinating! :LOL:

    Is that red devil "I am evil Homer?"

    And, no the Suzuki Rotary most often ran HOT, as I recollect.
  11. Damn you are fast for an old bugger. Re-read and edited the typo, but you got there first.

    Remind me to inflict a raspberry without prejudice on you when I see you.

    Yeah, it ran hot, but that wasn't the worst part by a long shot. Still have recollections of little old ladies in morris 1100's beating me away from lights, (I am sure they were mentally giving me the finger) and the dreaded kick in the powerband around 4-5 grand, depending on the weather. Many, many sphincter tightening moments on that beast.
  12. I had a CB250 with a CB400 top end, it was commen to change RD250's to RD400's.

    But back then a CB250 made 24ps and a CB400 made 35 ps (which is about the same as a GPX250) so it was hardly an issue of amounts of power that are dangerous to a learner.

    If you want to go and ride a GS500 or 600 single trail bike and you are aware of the licence and insurance issues then fine... I don't recommend it, but you aren't any more likely to kill yourself (other states use these sort of bikes as learner bikes before people jump down my throat).

    OTOH if you are talking about jumping straight onto a large sports bike then you are fooling yourself if you think you will be able to handle it properly.
  13. I wouldn't risk it personally - law is the law.

    Having said that, the differences between state learner laws is a joke. The Vic scheme in particular is pretty shoddy, and perpetuates the resale of many crap and unsafe 250's (of which many companies have stopped producing) at the expense of safer (yet more powerful), newer machines. The NSW LAMS scheme is pretty reasonable I reckon, but the 80kph limit is a joke.

    The problem is, if they do standardise nationally, some states will sacrifice the sensible parts of their schemes in order to do so.
  14. What about the METAL scheme in the NT. You do 3 weekend courses and if you pass(if you can call it that) the only restriction you have is no pillion for a year.

    I'm looking at doing the advanced course soon to get my engine restriction off 3 months early.

    But i guess i'm a different case, was brought up riding trail bikes on farms like xr250 and dt250. So skills are there and i have an idea of what i'm getting in to.
  15. Hey its a personal thing do i dont i If you wana take the wrap and possibly in a wheelchair without any income hey go for it,my brother is doing the no licence at all trick in s.aust mind it being on an old bonneville which i think is a bit stupid but as i said do whats good for you its nobodys buisness but yours and the law