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109 pics...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by gc33, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. met up with another 109 rider yesterday. thought i would post a couple of pics....

  2. you should post that second pic in the montlhy picture post it's a nice shot.
  3. They are both even the right colour!
  4. wasnt aware there was any other colours..... :LOL:
  5. Nice bikes! Though after a few convincing words from peter here, im buying the C109! I has a fender fetish.
  6. Nice pics mate !!
    .. but where are the other 106 pics? :?
  7. ummm, what other pics?
  8. oh here is another one....havent got any 106 pics tho only 109's... :shock:

  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Ah, but your only allowed 3 piccys. :bolt:
  10. jeez im slow today, I just got the joke........it is sunday so Im allowed to be slow............. ](*,)
  11. When are you getting it?

    Love the Boulevard Black.
  12. they truly are a beautiful ride. The Black looks magnificant, but i do have a soft spot for the limited blue with white stripe
  13. Love the black.....but I too would be tempted by the Blue / white stripe...although I've never seen the blue in the flesh.

    Not sure about the burnt orange though. I saw one at Raceway Suzuki a few months ago and thought it looked a bit...um...well, I'll let you be the judge...

  14. These are about the only cruiser I could own.
    Is there a pic somewhere of a "dechromed" one? I reckon gloss black over mat black would be a mean look :)
  15. That would be good.
  16. Now that would be interesting. I love the chrome, but a matt black would be something to behold on these beasties
  17. heres a blacked out one.

    Is this black enough?
  18. To paraphrase Eric Olthwaite, "Even the white bits are black"
  19. Re: heres a blacked out one.

    Damn. I just "soiled" my keyboard. :LOL:
    Thanks PR
  20. Holy Sheite that looks good....If only Suzy would put this into production people would be lining up to buy them.

    Better looking (IMHO) than the HD Night.....thingy by far.