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106 of 250. A rare one indeed.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FUTURE, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. muz660 from the Netherlands has allowed me to show off his MuZ Skorpion Replica on my blog. To see more follow the link in my sig below...


  2. I like the look of that,

    If I recall correctly they were available in Australia for a while?
  3. Yes MuZ Skorpions could be bought here. I have a Traveller version.
  4. Very nice looking bike. I remember seeing a Traveller version for sale once but unfortunately it sold before I had a chance to look at it :(.
    Is the 660 single in those a Yammy engine or something completely different?
  5. Sorry,

    I was referring to the version in the picture,

    I remember the range was available here for a while, but if I recall correctly this limited edition was also imported, so there should be a few in the country?
  6. What happened? Did the company go bust as I have heard nothing of this brand at all.

    What are the specs for the bike in the pic, it looks great!
  7. Here is the link to the MZ website http://muz.de/

    Specs for the Replica....

    Muz Skorpion Replica specifications Engine type Liquid cooled single cylinder, 4-stroke
    Displacement 659 ccm
    Bore x stroke 100 x 84 mm
    Compression ratio 9.2 : 1
    Valve system 5 valves, SOHC
    Ignition Digital
    Transmission 5 gears, chain
    Frametype Steel 'bridge' frame
    Rake/trail 26.5 degrees/107 mm
    Front suspension WP UPSD fork, compression and rebound damping adjustable
    Rear suspention Single shock, WP, rebound damping adjustable (11)
    Front tyre 120/60 ZR17, tubeless
    Rear tyre 160/60 ZR17, tubeless
    Front brake Double 280 mm disks with Brembo 4-piston callipers
    Rear brake Single 240 mm disk
    Seat height 770 mm
    Fueltank capacity 18 liters
    Dry weight 165 kg
  8. I want one of these!

  9. Yep 660 Yamaha engine.

    Were was the one you saw for sale?
  10. Replicas, I don't know if any came here. As they only made 250 of them. I can find out.

    As for the other versions there are a few in here. :grin:
  11. Ahh thought it was the XT engine.

    Fairly sure the Traveller I saw for sale was at a dealer in Mount Gambier - that was a while ago though.
  12. My Traveller came from SA. Was ridden over here and then traded in at Better Bikes.
  13. Found the old copy of MT that it was advertised in - rego was TIX-977.
  14. Mine was registered with plate TIU-843 in SA.

    How much was that one going for in MT?
  15. $6500 - only had 6,000kms on it.
  16. Thats not a bad price for one with so few Ks. I paid $4990 with 42000ks on the clock.
  17. There was a Scorpion for sale at Pratt & Osbourne in Geelong -it was still there when they closed down so no idea what happened to it :? I think it was priced fairly high though -from memory around the 7K mark
  18. Did they really only make 250 of these world wide?

    Redbook Australia lists prices for 1998, 1999 and 2000, that seems like a long span for such small numbers?

    I had forgotten about these bikes, I like them, I will be keeping an eye out for one,

    My research also brought up another MuZ model I had forgotten about, the Baghira!

    I wonder how many of those are getting around?
  19. Is it just me, or is there something very trx850 about the look of these (yeah i know this one has a full fairing). I guess they were around at the same time and if MZ were using yammy engines they mite have been influenced in styling as well. Or maybe MZ influenced yamaha :cool: In any case, i like em. :grin: