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102 Laps...PI Testing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Well, as expected, Stoner blitzed the field this week, though, encouragingly (for the other teams) there were some glitches at the beginning. Despite riding with some soreness and not riding as many laps as everyone, he still took honours for the week.

    His cohort was nowhere to be seen. Whatever Stoner is doing, it is gelling perfectly with that bike and that team. Champion or not, Melandri is Italian and there is no way on Earth that Ducati would not be trying to get him up there at the pointy end. There is good reason why Melandri is now known as the Random Number Generator.

    Talking of laps..These guys really are fit. Hayden threw in 102 on Friday. Friday wasn't particularly hot with a max of 25 for the day, but 102 laps, at 1:31 pace is pretty good going. It's over 450km of race pace. De Puniet thought it was an endurance event and did 115 laps, Melandri 108. Toseland (3rd quickest for the week) did 89.

    For all the results, go to www.motogp.com
  2. i did 1 lap at PI at the GP, and i reckon i did it in ok time.
    3 rums & 2.5 beers :grin:
  3. Hang on, that's crap. There's heaps of room for improvment, I've seen guys do way more than that.
  4. awww, c'mon!
    it was my first time at that track, and i'd just finished an 11hr non-stop drive :oops:
    i'll try harder next time :grin:
  5. Hopkins also highsided to the moon and back out of a wet turn 1 at the start of day 2. That was him done and dusted for the rest of the test with a torn from the bone aductor muscle. He will be touch and go for the Jerez test.

    I have been watching some of the times from Sepang as well, and Melandri is well of the pace compared to Stoner. Ducati would be a little miffed at this after probably paying a decent sum of money for the Italian.

    Hayden has also been putting in the work after the Spanish Midget smashed his hand at Sepang and won't be testing much more till the start of the season.

    Here is a link of some GP p0rn for you all courtesy of the legends at soup.com:



    Drool away people. Drool away...
  6. Man, those bikes look like anorexic super models!